A Fairy Theme Birthday Bash That Your Daughter is Bound to Enjoy

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Girls love pink, and a pink flowing gown could be great as a birthday attire for your daughter. You can add wings, a tiara, gloves, silver sandals and a magic wand to complete the look.



A range of invites are readily available in the market today. You could choose from fairy backgrounds and take your pick. Alternatively, you and your daughter can hand-design the invites. Use pink paper and write with a silver pen. Your daughter can fill in the names. You must specify the date, time and venue of the party. You can also ask friends to come dressed as fairies for the evening.


Decorate the hall in a fairy theme too for the evening. Use pink and silver balloons, streamers or shiny fabric to complete the look. You can also scatter pink balloons on the floor, to add to the appearance. Fairy stickers can also add to the look of the room.

The cake

The cake as always marks the highlight of the day. Choose a fairy shaped cake. Better still, purchase a pink heart shaped cake and put a fairy doll on top of it.

The food

Fairy themed food can also be organized. Choose star shaped biscuits, cookies and little pastries to complete the look of your party.


Kids games for parties can be modified to suit your theme. Play musical chairs, and for the last round, decorate the chair as that of a princess. You can play treasure hunt too and watch the kids having fun.


Return gifts

Satin pouches full of beads and chains can make good gifts for little girls. If you have had to invite boys too, you could give them toy watches or bracelets.

You could first sit with your daughter and ask her of what all she would like in a fairy party. If you want to keep this as a surprise you could do so too and do the planning yourself. Keep a budget in mind, plan and shop ahead of time so that you have no last minute bungles and the party is a grand success.

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