The Best Party Favors For Kids

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A lot of time and effort goes into planning a child’s birthday party. As a host, you take many issues in consideration when planning the big event. After all, you goal is to make this memorable occasion fun for your child and all your guests and if possible, try to enjoy it yourself.

After you have planned for the food, entertainment and the cake, it is now time to choose the most suitable kids’ party favor. When looking for parting gift ideas for kids, you should always consider the following:

* Theme of the birthday party
* Age of the children
* Interests of the birthday boy/girl
* functionality of the party favor
* Safety of the children
* gender appropriate party favor
* budget

Meeting all the above criteria in a party favor may at first seem difficult, but fortunately there are ways to successfully accomplish the task. Once you have decided on a for example Disney theme, narrow down your favorite Disney character (such as Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer,…) and search for that specific character on any search engine.
Once you have found a web site with your character’s offerings, determine if you prefer to have a party favor for either genders (such as a beach ball) or one for each. You have now half way through your task.

At this stage of planning you may consider a one piece goodie bag such as a Disney Princess paint your own portfolio, which is a complete party favor on its own. It is something new and exciting and kids will have a chance to do it on their own time, away from the T.V. set. They also have a chance to be creative and at the end feel accomplished when they use their creation. Another option for a parting birthday gift for kids is to pick a multi piece party favor. A great example is the Dora tin box that may be used as pencil box or keepsake box, and may be stuffed with pencils and stationary items or Dora bracelets and necklaces or other novelties. Since the children are likely to have had enough cake and sweets, some parents tend to stay away from treats and candies in their loot bags.

You now need to determine if all the guests of the same gender will receive one uniform party favor. Sometimes you have a variety of ages among your guests, in which time you need to consider a break down in ages of the guests and make a decision in their age groups. For instance, something suitable for your two and three year old nieces may not satisfy the taste of your daughter’s six year old classmates.

Parents’ of small children have high regards for safety issues and manufacturers have become more aware of their product parts. Therefore it should be easy to pick a product to meet all your safety requirements. Now it is time to consider the functionality of the party favor for kids and evaluate if kids will enjoy using this party favor or it will be deposited into the first trash can.

Don’t forget simplicity is the key.
Don’t forget to enjoy and have fun yourself!

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