Best Toy For Newborns

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The Best Toy For Newborns

There is an endless array of toys you can choose for your precious newborn. But which toys will your baby love and get the most benefit from?

The best possible toy you could give to your new born baby is yourself. They like nothing better than looking at your face and hearing your voice. Research has even showed that a newborn will move its head in the direct of its parents' voices.

Spending some quality time with your newborn will help to develop the parent child bond that is so vital for newborns to have. It will help them to feel safe, secure and most importantly unconditionally loved.

A new born baby has heard his or hers mothers heart beat in the womb and all the voices of the most significant people in her life while she was pregnant. Now its time to talk and interact with this precious bundle of joy so he can hear with more clarity these voices and noises that gave him comfort in the womb.

Remember to let your newborn also interact with your face. Your face will give your baby endless enjoyment especially with all of the facial expressions you can use. She will delight in looking into your eyes and watching your face.

Sharing close up and personal time with your baby is also fantastic for you, it will help you to feel close to your newborn. It will also help you to share your feelings with her. Even at this tender age she will sense and feel the love that pours out of you when you spend some quality time together.

It's not just the newborn mother's attention that the baby is after it is also her dad (or other significant people who will be in her life) that she needs to feel love from. The most important gift we can give our newborn baby is unconditional and consistent love.

So how much attention should we give our newborns? Well the simple answer is let your baby tell you. When they close their eyes or divert their attention away from your eyes and face then do the same. This way we are less likely to over stimulate them and they will get the other important thing they need plenty of . . . sleep.

From the gentle caresses to the loving facial expressions to the softness of your voice your newborn will delight and take great pleasure in you as their favorite and the most important of all their newborn toys.

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