Choosing the best Christening gift

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Have you been asked to a christening? If you're going to give the most well planned christening presents, there are a few important things you must be aware of before you begin. Just follow these tips for giving christening presents.

First of all, consider the symbolism of what you will be gifting them. Many people just buy a silver item without thinking about the choice. What will the family appreciate and cherish later on? That will give you an idea of what to give.

Also, what is your relationship to the christening child? The Christian Bible is usually presented by the godparents. If you are not a godparent, consider giving something else.

Luckily, you do not have to spend a lot of money to give a good gift. Less than 50 pounds is often enough to buy a good gift in many cases.

If you are worried about the baby outgrowing your gift, give an investment or a time capsule.

Traditional christening presents are usually silver. Extremely conservative families will care about these. If you enjoy tradition, the child gets a silver mug and utensil set from godfathers, and a robe or cloak from the godmothers.

If this sounds too stuffy for the family, consider giving silver jewelry instead. Perhaps a crucifix or cross necklace will be appropriate? The godchild will also get to use it for a while as they mature.

Little kid's story books are not a good choice as christening presents - leave these for the baby's birthdays, not for this important event.

Many people also have a problem when they have to give christening presents for boys. Don't worry though, there are many cool gifts your godson will like.

Silver dog tags are a fashionable item for boys. By making them out of silver you fulfill any traditional requirements, but also stay hip. A personalised money box is also a good idea for godsons.

Nowadays, many people are giving very unique christening presents. Some people are even giving savings accounts to the young child to receive interest when they mature, or even a well aged bottle of port. The family hold on to it, and you can enjoy it with the godchild when they come of age.

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