Christening Gifts With The Wow Factor

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When it comes to a baby’s Christening many people are often stuck for ideas. The day of the Christening is a proud day for the baby’s parents and relatives so you will want to give a gift that is unique and that will be well received.

It is easy to wonder what you can give to a baby other than clothes or money? Of course you have no idea what other christening presents people will be buying the baby and you want your gift to be different from all the others. However, rest assured that there really is no need to be stuck for ideas because today’s clever designers and manufacturers have come up with a huge range of gifts perfect for any occasion including Christenings.

A Christening present is something that is sure to be treasured for years – indeed for the life of the person concerned. Parents will be proud to show off these presents and often put them on display in the house for a short time after the Christening. In later years, the baby – who by then will be grown up – will probably pass the gifts on as heirlooms to future generations.

There are the obvious blue themed gifts for boys and pink presents for girls. However, there are other clever ideas that you might like to consider. You could choose to buy a little girl a silver bracelet or a small piece of jewellery such as a personalized silver bracelet that she would wear when she is a little older. Or how about a small bible which is a lovely gift idea, particularly if it contains colored pictures. Engraved children’s cutlery makes a delightful present too. This is a gift that can be simply kept as a memento or it can be used by the child when he or she becomes a toddler.

An engraved silver cube ABC money box is an ideal gift idea. Or you might even choose to give a Noah’s Ark Moneybox. Relations and friends coming to see the baby are sure to pop a few coins into the moneybox and once the child is old enough to understand the value of money, he or she will continue to save.

You might like to consider a personalized Christening plate. These can be for boys or girls and will have the child’s name on them and perhaps even the weight of the baby and the time of birth. These lovely plates can be put on display in a nursery, either on the wall or free standing on a chest of drawers for example.

An engraved sterling silver baby spoon is a lovely idea. You can make the spoon really special by having it personalized with the name of the baby on the handle. So now you are starting to see that choosing a Christening present need not be difficult as there are plenty of novel ideas on the market.

Engraved baby photo frames make ideal christening presents. The details of the baby can be engraved on the bottom of the frame and, if you wish, the date of the Christening or perhaps the baby’s date of birth. Proud parents never cease to take photos of their little ones so it really would not matter how many photo frames they were given as they are all sure to be used.

Babies need to be kept warm when they are very young and a personalized Christening blanket would make a wonderful gift which is sure to be well received by the parents. These lovely blankets are made of fleece with a finish of lambskin. The baby’s name and date of Christening are embroidered on the edge of the blanket. These blankets are very different when it comes to #Christening presents.

A crystal Christening book is a very thoughtful gift for the day of the Christening. This lovely book has an engraved cross on the front and can be personalized with details of your choice such as the baby’s name and date of Christening.

A silver plated brush and comb set is a lovely Christening present for a little boy or girl. The parents may decide to actually use the set or perhaps will put it proudly on display in the nursery just for show. Many Christening presents are handed down from generation to generation and you can be sure that your gift will be much appreciated and handled with care and fondness throughout the years.

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