Does anyone know what kinds of batteries this toy takes?

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Question by : Does anyone know what kinds of batteries this toy takes?
Ok, I'm shopping at Toys R' Us online and I've come across this remote control truck called: Fast Lane Wild Fire RC Monster Truck. It comes with a battery pack and charger. However, the description also says it requires 5 batteries and 1 battery (not included). It doesn't tell me anywhere what kinds of batteries it takes! I really wouldn't prefer my son opening this for Christmas without having the batteries it requires in order for it to work. You know how that is; children want to play with it right THEN! lol I even typed in "batteries" in the search box on the website, and it only brought up double A batteries. Maybe it takes these and a 9 volt? But, it doesn't say. And I want to buy the required batteries. lol Please, if anyone knows, let me know. Thanks. 🙂

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Answer by Paul M
nice looking truck , i really wish i could be more help , it does suggest buying another battery pack as they flatten quickly which is true . maybe you could buy a bugdet bulk pack of different sizes from a $ 2 store until your sure , the smaller ones would be for the remote & from my experience are either 9 volt or AA , the sealed pack would be for the truck itself.
as a rule , the remote battery should last considerably longer than the truck battery , i would heavily recommend buying the spare battery pack for the truck , the poor little guy will be heartbroken if it's all flat after 10 or 15 minutes .
hope this helps some 🙂

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