Find the Right Girls Toys

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Find the Right Girls Toys

Girls will be girls and they just want to have fun. With the right girls toys he can do just that! Girls love painting, crafts, drawing, fashion, makeup, having tea parties, and let us not forget about their dolls. Let’s have a look at some of the favorite indoor girls toy.

A girl’s got to look good whether she’s 5 or 50 so the Girl Crush Hair Beader Activity Kit is going to be plenty of fun. The beads and fasteners are easy to work with and in minutes she’ll have her own strand ob beaded hair.

Photos Story Jr. is perfect to get your girl’s imagination flowing and at the same time keeping her very busy. Your child can write stories, make illustrations, and more as they create their own book. They even get to do typesetting and binding. Kit comes with everything your girl will need.

Consider investing in a dollhouse. There are many kinds of dollhouse’s on the market – wood, plastic, ones for dolls, ones for bears, big ones, little ones, the list could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture. Choose the dollhouse that’s right for your girl’s age.

Barbie has been around since most of us were little girls and it still remains a popular girls toy. Since 1959 Barbie has been a part of the toy fashion world with all kinds of designer outfits and looks. Barbie has also held a few jobs including being a teacher, flight attendant, and even an astronaut. Hours of fun here.

Aquadoodle is a doodling mat that creates no mess. It’s white surface is perfect for doodling on with the magic pen that’s filled with water. They doodle and then in just a few minutes it dries up and vanishes. Doodling is fun for all ages, so why not let their imaginations run wild?

Barrel of Crafts is just what the name says. It’s full of all kinds of interesting craft materials including pom pons, feathers, chennile stems, clay, wiggly eyes, and so much more. The girls can build just anything their imaginations can come up with. This is one of the most popular girls toys for kids that love their crafts.

Will that be tea for two with this beautiful handpainted miniature tea set? Little girls love to have tea parties and this beautiful little tea set from Creativity for kids, is not only quaint, it’s built to actually use so the girls can serve real tea and perhaps enjoy a cookie or two on the plates.

Although play doh often gets listed as a favorite one of the girls toys it’s actually enjoyed by both girls and boys. Once again the imagination gets to run wild. Play doh will keep the kids busy for hours. If you invest in the play doh bucket full of fun you’ll keep all the kids entertained. It comes with 9 fun molds, 3 five ounce cans and 3 two once cans of modeling compound.

Hasbro Easy Bake oven is another very popular item on the most wanted girls toys list. They’ll learn how to make chocolate cookies, macaroni and cheese, pretzels, and all kinds of other yummy dishes. It’s safe for the kids to handle and plenty of fun. Girls love to bake!

There are all kinds of girls toys on the market. This list is really just a start to give you some ideas.

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