Finding the Best Electric Scooter for Your Child

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Toys of all kinds are available for kids to enjoy and one of the many toys that kids can find most enjoyable these days is the electric scooter.

Electric scooters allow children to enjoy even more outdoor play. However, because of the many available models of electric scooters out there, it can be hard for you find the best electric scooter for your child.

Parents should keep in mind that the best electric scooter is one that is not only fun but is also safe and durable. Razor is one company that offers a wide range of excellent electric scooters for children. They have developed the E100 Razor electric scooter and E200 Razor for children while the Razor E300, the company’s fastest, is popular with adults.

Among these three electric scooters, which one is the best electric scooter for your child? The E100, E200 and the E300 Razor are all built with superior quality materials. Made with the latest technology, they are electric powered, and hence are environmentally-friendly. All three scooters have a battery charge time of 12 hours and can run continuously for up to 40 minutes. These electric scooters have twist grip controls to make sure that your kids are safe.

The E100 Razor electric scooter will give your child a safe feeling of power with a speed of up to 10mph. The E200 Razor and E300 Razor have a maximum speed of 12 and 15 mph respectively.

Whereas the E100 Razor electric scooter has an 8 inch pneumatic front tire, the E200 Razor has large 8 inch pneumatic tires front and back that allow your child to enjoy a smoother ride. The E300 Razor is equipped with 10″ pneumatic tires making the ride even smoother.

The E100 Razor electric scooter is recommended for younger children. It is slower and smaller than the E200 Razor. The E200 Razor has a full-sized deck and frame while the E300 Razor has a super-sized deck that allows riders of all sizes to enjoy the ride.

The E100 has a weight limit of 120 pounds, so larger children may quickly outgrow it. Both the E200 and E300 have a weight limit of 220 pounds.

All three electric scooters are made by Razor, a very reputable company. The best electric scooter for your child is one that matches both your child’s age and weight. The best electric scooter for a child between ages 8 and 13 is the E100 Razor electric scooter, as long as the child is far enough from the 120 pound limit. However, if your child is older or more mature and is bigger in build, then the best electric scooter for him or her is the E200 Razor, or arguably the E300.

[Always wear appropriate safety equipment. Exercise caution and common sense – do not assume you can easily to everything you may see on a video, because all trick or aggressive riding takes practice and involves increased risks. Always check local laws regarding use of electric-powered products.]

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