Five Baptism Gift Ideas

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Article by Shawn Manaher

Looking for a Baptism gift? Whether you are a godparent, grandparent, or another relative or special friend, you want your gift to be special and appropriate for the occasion. Here are five gift ideas that are sure to be a hit and will make wonderful keepsakes.- Jewelry Even though most baptisms take place when the child is just a tiny baby, way too young to appreciate or wear jewelry, he or she will most certainly wear it someday. For a boy, an engraved watch or pin for special occasions to come would be welcomed and cherished. For a girl there are numerous options to choose from, including necklaces, bracelets or pins with or without religious symbols. An add-a-pearl necklace or charm bracelet are wonderful gifts that keep on giving, as each year or for special occasions you andor others can give the additions as gifts.Jewelry Box Because jewelry is such a popular gift for a baby's birth and baptism, a jewelry box makes a great gift as well, and can be personalized with religious symbols, or with the date of baptism or name of the child. For a boy, there are many engravable decorative boxes that make a nice place to store money, cards or collectibles later in life.- Hanging Cross To give a child something to look at every night during nighttime prayers, or just to remember their special baptism day, a small cross to hang in his or her room is a great keepsake. These too can of course be engraved with the child's name, birthday, or baptism day.- Books Books are a great gift for any child for any occasion, as they both entertain and teach, and can be used repeatedly. There are lots of great Bible story collections and Children's Bibles available, or just give any books that will make the child feel special and that he or she will love to read. - Bank A bank is a memento that any child, boy or girl, is sure to use and cherish, as he or she plunks in earnings throughout childhood. It is also a versatile gift, as banks come in many shapes and styles. It can be matched to a little one's room or preferences, or can again be personalized to make it special.Whatever gift you choose, a baptism is about blessing a special child, so you will want to make your gift look special too. Gift boxes are available especially for Baptism Day or use religious-themed or pretty, shiny paper as you help welcome your loved one into God's arms.

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