Five Best Gifts for Little Girls

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Some people shy away from giving gender-specific toys. After all, in a politically correct world, no one wants to be branded a "traditionalist" who can't seem to get on with the times. Although it would be incorrect to say that girls can only play with dolls, and boys can only play with trucks, it appears that certain toys really do appeal to specific genders.

For example, no matter what attempts were made to give children gender-neutral toys, little girls still showed a penchant for toys that were, well, girly. If your daughter loves trucks, by all means let her play with them. If she wants old school girl toys, however, there's no reason not to indulge her, either.

Here's a list of five sure favourites that your beloved little girl will most definitely enjoy.

Arts and crafts kit. Little girls can spend hours of fun just fiddling with colourful beads and creating faux jewellery. Let your child experience her creative side by providing an arts and crafts kit. There are several types of kit these days, including papier-mâché, clay modelling, scrapbooking, and the aforementioned jewellery-making set. More importantly, these arts and crafts kits yield actual "finished" products, which your child can keep as mementos.
Tea party set. I wonder how many little girls sat in their homes, their "tea and crumpets" set lain out before them, as they watched the grandiose royal wedding between Prince William and now Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. The tea party set is and always will be a staple for little girls all over the world, giving them a chance to experience a world of make-believe princesses and special parties.
Toy cookware. Children love nothing more than to emulate the adults around them. It's therefore no wonder that a lot of children attempt to do things that they see their parents do. Boys, emulating their fathers, play with tool and mechanic sets. Little girls, on the other hand, enjoy toy cookware. It's not that only girls are allowed to cook; they are most probably emulating their mums' time spent in the kitchen preparing meals. The best toy cookware comes with fake vegetables and meat, making the experience a lot more realistic and fun.
Dolls. Seriously, nearly every little girl receives a doll at one point or another. Some little girls like baby dolls; others would rather receive stuffed animals. Either way, dolls are fun companions, often times treated like real live babies.
Dolls prams. What's a doll without a dolls pram, right? As mentioned, children like to copy their elders, so seeing adults pushing baby prams around would spark a tendency to want a pram of their own, this time to travel with their pretty dolls. These days, new models of dolls pramsare pretty much great copies of the actual prams used for real infants and children. Little girls get a kick out of travelling around with their pretty dolls prams, feeling absolutely like a tiny version of mummy. The designs are authentic, and they come with tiny storage areas for additional toys and knickknacks.

So whether your little girl is into monster trucks or dolls prams, there's no reason to make fun play time a political statement. Let them choose their toys, be they "manly", gender-neutral, or all out girly!

Dolls Prams

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