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For a child, celebrating his or her birthday is one of the most important celebrations in the entire year. Some may even consider it more important than Christmas Day or New Year. This is the day most of them anticipate and they're surely excited to receive gifts and to party with their friends.

So this is the best time to live up to their expectation. Young girls may get a little picky but when you know what they want or like, your gift would be the best thing they'll treasure.

If you're having a hard time thinking of an idea, you may refer to my Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls.

The number choice for gifts to girls is definitely dolls. Yes, that's right. Young girls love to play dolls and those dolls will be there best friend. So this year, why not give her a doll that's truly amazing, pretty and something your child will surely enjoy? So I have searched the internet and I was able to find the best doll for your daughter.

Pullip dolls are cute looking dolls that have the ability to close their eyes and move it from side to side, it also has the ability to stand and fold hands and knees because they have joints. They also come in pretty clothing and accessories depending on the model. Pullip dolls are definitely great and surely your girl will love them.

The next on the list are pink and dainty things. Yes, young girls are always inclined to the color pink and whatever pink you'll give them, they would love it. So use your imagination and look or even create a homemade gift for her using pink, flowery and dainty designs. Since I've mentioned that most girls party in their room with a sleepover, why not design her room with her favorite pink items. You can even sew a new pink quilt or pajama sets. Anything is possible, so I leave this up for you to choose.

Lastly but of course not the least, you can give them sweets and candies. We'll who does not love chocolate? Everyone does especially when we were kids. So give her a basket of candies for her to indulge in sweets together with her friends. Pick the best tasting chocolates and sweets for her and place it in a nice looking basket. You can also wrap it up with a great looking wrapper. You can add toys for her to enjoy. She'll surely love it. There are a lot of gift basket stores out there but you can create one for her, there are guides too. Make sure this gift comes with a precaution which is to brush their teeth after eating and drinking lots of water. We want her to enjoy not suffer from toothaches.

In the end of the day, all we want is to make our child or daughter happy and that's why we need to make sure we surprise her with a great and perfect gift. I have listed some ideas here but it's your responsibility to use these ideas to make an amazing and lovely gift.

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