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The ?tumultuous teens? is that dreaded phase in everybody?s life, for the parent as well as for the child concerned? It is that unfathomable phase when most teens are grappling with their sense of identity and belonging while perceiving their environment differently but not necessarily positively. Every gesture during these tumultuous times from concomitant forces in their environment can contribute to the marring or shaping of their long-term ideals. Selecting a gift can be deemed one such important gesture in the broad framework of things.

In this context, the rebellious streak inherent in most teens is an unavoidable factor, which cannot be ignored and should be taken into serious consideration while choosing that gift. It has to conform to their taste or you stand the risk of a serious rebuke and your gift a rebuff from your precious teen child or friend. It is thus very important to select your gift with the utmost care and discretion. But what if you?re a busy parent working long hours and don?t have the time to embark on that laborious task of finding that ?right gift? and your utter confusion only further compounds your dire situation? You can then seek the help and guidance of such portals as [] that offer a comprehensive view of the multitude of gift options to suit a multitude of preferences and temperaments.

Jumping Skateboard- If the range of tricks performed by your adventurous teen on his skateboard keeps you on tenterhooks each time he lands precariously, then the ?Jumping skateboard? with an in-built soft landing system would make a good gift to thrill your youngster while placating your frayed nerves. You can at least rest assured that the harmful jarring effects on landing will be mitigated.

The iDog Musical companion is a great gift for your teen daughter especially if she is an ardent music lover because it is not just another stuffed toy. As its very name suggests, this electronic gizmo, which is cuddly in its own right, will serve as her ideal, lovable companion that stores and plays her favorite tunes. Slimline Digital Camera- This Super-thin digital camera makes for a great carry along accessory to stoke the budding photographer in your teen. Its slim, sleek design makes it extremely portable and it affords crystal clear pictures of high resolution that can easily be downloaded onto the computer. Priced at $ 50, it?s a steal.

How about presenting your teen with ?The World's Largest Crossword Puzzle?? If your teen is even slightly intellectually predisposed, this is an awesome gift. In every way, this would be considered very special, as it has even earned its place in the record books for having broken the 1996 Guinness record. Your teen will regard it an honor to crack this puzzle. Its exclusivity notwithstanding, it costs a mere $ 30.

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