How to Choose Birthday Gifts for Youngsters

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How to Choose Birthday Gifts for Youngsters

A birthday is an occasion which celebrates every individual’s personality. This annual celebration is a day special to every human being in this world. In fact, people of the same castes, cultures, regions or countries may share a common birthday. Making this day more memorable is the ritual of gifting. People give gifts to the person who’s birthday it is and many a times even expect ‘return gifts’.

Your own birthday might be an annual celebration. But as a guest you might be attending a dozen birthday parties in an year. And, thus selecting gifts for a birthday becomes a dilemma for us since we have to do it so many times in an year and many times over for the same person over the years. It helps in deciding on a gift if we have already considered the profile of the recipient beforehand. One criteria which helps in deciding on a gift is the age of the recipient. Here’s how to choose birthday gifts for the youngsters in our lives.

Toddlers – Buying gifts for someone who can express themselves is an easy task. But for a young child who cannot do so, it becomes all the more difficult. For small children it is best to buy gifts that have a fun element with an educational one. Some gift ideas include games like puzzles and building blocks. Another great idea is making a gift basket which contains games, toys, chocolates and cookies.

Kids – A child has a personality of his own. Therefore, buying gifts for kids might not be an easy task. The reason lies in being able to understand the budding youngsters personality and nature. Added to this is the fact that the child for whom you are choosing a gift might not be in your direct know how. It helps to talk to the elders around him or other small children whose friend’s birthday it is. One should also be careful in buying age group specific birthday gifts for children. Age groups might vary from pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids(4 to 8 years), 8 to 10 year olds, pre-teens and early teens.

Late Teenagers – This is the age of a carefree yet innocent approach towards life. But, every youngster is an individual in their own right. Added to it is the fact that the teenagers, especially of today have a basic ‘know it all’ attitude as well. Thus, it is important to understand the likes, dislikes and the basic temperament of the teenager for whom you are buying a gift. Another most important criteria of selecting a gift for this age group is the gender of the teen. Gifts for a young girl are bound to be very different than those for a teenage boy.

It is necessary to understand the basics defining every age group. Then one would never go wrong in selecting that ‘perfect gift’ for any occasion. And the whole effort behind selecting a gift would be realised once you see the genuine and undisguised happiness on the face of the recipient.

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