Justin Bieber Doll: Big Hit With Girls

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The Justin Bieber doll seems to be near the top of everyone's gift list this season, at the very least for most young girls and teens around the United States. Justin Bieber is actually a teen idol who is rocking the country with his outstanding music, great looks along with his down to earth style. Justin's popular music climbs the charts, girls swoon and his new found success has resulted in a whole selection of dolls that look much like him and also perform a short clip of a hit tune.

Some folks in the music industry compare him to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley because of his excellent moves, good looks and soulful melodies. Justin comes from Ontario, Canada where some of his close friends never realized that he could even sing. He began singing around his home for his own entertainment and one day, at 12 years old, he joined a singing competition simply for entertainment. Amazingly enough he won second place and this was the start of his brilliant future inside the music industry.

In 2007, his home made videos ended up being published on You Tube where they tallied up astonishingly substantial numbers of web page views in the millions. This self-taught artist who plays the guitar, piano, drums and trumpet was seen on You Tube by record scouts, producers and business professionals. Negotiations were conducted and he was signed for his very first record contract.

Since then Justin has undertaken many concerts around the world, showing up on national TV shows and climbed the popularity charts thanks to young girls from six to sixteen. It really is hard to say which is the main draw to this young man - his looks or his music, or possibly the magic is the mixture of the two. He's definitely on the road to great success and his Justin Bieber doll collection should be a winner with his supporters too.

Dolls are offered in singing models and fashion dolls. Performing dolls stand one foot tall dressed in costumes from his well known music videos, performing one of his hit songs and offer a classic mini magazine. The fashion doll set features a doll resembling Justin dressed in designer clothing, that are tagged for music and street or red carpet honors. These dolls are also one foot high, come with a mini fan magazine and present Justin using sun glasses, headphones and carrying a mike.

Justin Bieber might have started with a few home video clips, however his natural musical talent and great looks have carried him far. Girls that cannot get enough of him will almost certainly go crazy for a Justin Bieber doll of their own.

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