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Lego Fusion Town Master

Mike and Holly take a look at the Lego Fusion Town Master Buildable Game.

Bring your LEGO creations to life with the interactive LEGO FUSION Town Master Buildable Game. This set lets you use your imagination to create and manage your virtual town with real LEGO bricks. While you’re building shops, fire stations, roads and more, you can complete exciting missions and mini games to earn valuable studs and happiness for your virtual citizens.

Product Highlights

256 LEGO pieces, including a mayor mini figure
LEGO FUSION plate digitally captures your LEGO creations
Downloadable LEGO FUSION Town Master app for your smartphone or tablet (sold separately) is required for gameplay and includes a free game trial
Missions and mini games help you earn studs to keep your people happy
Get Started guide provides creative inspiration and playing instructions.

What’s Included:

LEGO FUSION Town Master bricks
Mayor mini figure
Get Started guide

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