Newborn Gift Ideas

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Article by Heather Rutherfordstone

Looking for newborn gift ideas? Newborn babies, while adorable, have little to no interest in the world outside of themselves. While, when a friend or family member has a baby, you may feel an urge to buy something for the newborn; remember, first and foremost, that the baby will likely not notice your kind gesture. However, that in no way means you should avoid getting something for the precious little bundle. There are plenty of newborn gift ideas that will delight the new family.


Board books and tub books are a fun baby gift. When the newborn is very young, the parents can read to the child to help soothe them. It is well known that reading to a child daily has positive results on the baby’s future success. Also, when the child begins to grow, the books give them something interesting to hold and look at (or even gnaw on when they’re teething).

Buy several books at once or purchase book gift sets. Several baby books now come with matching clothes or stuffed versions of the title character. You can find classic Dr. Seuss books with matching shirts at Argyle Gifts and Bumkins.


Of course clothes are always a fun gift for a newborn. However, before you first set out to find a new outfit, please check with the parents. I’ve found that, often times, parents receive more than enough clothes for the first six months as baby shower gifts. Often the most helpful outfits will be those in sizes six months and up.

Another good reason to first check with the parents is for the opposite reason as mentioned above. Sometimes a newborn is quite a bit smaller than the average 0 - 3 month size offered by most retailers. Parents find that they must either buy preemie or newborn clothes after the birth or dress their child in oversized outfits for the first couple weeks. This means that, sometimes, the best gift for a small newborn is a set of newborn onsies and possibly a few pairs of pants and/or pajamas.


It is often the case that parents discover, shortly after the birth of their child, that they do not have everything they thought they needed for the nursery. A few items that are often neglected before the baby is born include a swing or vibrating chair, a bassinet, baby tub, and certain décor items like shelving or mobiles.

If you’ve waited a week or two after the baby was born to start shopping, run a few of your ideas past the parents. I found a bassinette to be a life saver. Having the newborn next to the bed leaves everyone feeling safe and the whole family sleeps better. If mom and/or dad are complaining about too many sleepless nights it is not a bad idea to suggest they allow you to get a bassinette. For around you can pick one up that rocks and vibrates and you will be a hero.

Practical Gifts

While it’s fun to buy plush animals, outfits by the lot, and bedding by the bundle, it’s not always the most practical gift. Sometimes the best newborn gift is the practical newborn gift.

Diapers, wipes, bibs and burp clothes never go out of style. You could buy a year’s supply of any of those items and I doubt a single new parent would think to complain. The diaper fairy can be a new parent’s best friend. Check to find out the parent’s favorite brand and the size they need. After that, get as many as you see fit. If the family is using a diaper service, consider paying for a few months of service.

Other practical newborn gifts, that may be unforeseen needs before the baby is born, include: formula and bottles created to be easy for babies with acid reflux, an assortment of baby CDs to help soothe baby, laundry detergent that is gentle on sensitive newborn skin, hats, socks, blankets, baby carriers that allow parents to hold their baby without using their arms, and even a few meals to avoid the need to cook.

The basic rule of thumb, with a newborn gift, is to simply ask the parents first what they need, then what they want. As long as you get the family something they don’t already have, or something they will certainly need more of in the future, your newborn gift is sure to be appreciated.

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