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A Few Basic Things about the Product

This inflatable playground is perfect for kids aged 3 and above, as its compact design is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. Thanks to its large bouncing area, its attractive colors and the basketball hoop attached, Bounceland Castle w/Hoop Inflatable Bounce House Bouncer makes your kids' desires materialize and it will turn them into the best party hosts ever, as all their friends will be craving for a toy like this! Also, same important is the slide which is one more reason why this inflatable bouncer is so popular.

Features of the Product

*Large bounce house with castle top

*Roomy bouncing area: 77''x77'' are allocated for jumping and the slide measures 60'' in length

*The maximum weight allowed in the bouncer is 250 lbs

*The bouncer has a 12ft x 9ft x 7ft H inflated size, including the slide

*The castle has a warranty of 90 days and the blower has one year warranty, both from the date of purchase

*This inflatable bounce house is made of heavy-duty laminated fabrics, coated vinyl and nylon, all puncture proof with reinforced seams for durability and also double, triple and quadruple stitches

*The castle meets ASTM F963 standards for Toy Safety.

*The price of the toy includes a resistant, powerful UL blower, Basketball hoop, big carrying bag, a ground stakes pack and instructions plus a very useful repair kit.

*The newer version of the inflatable castle is fitted with a basketball hoop inside and it also has a Velcro opening.

Advantages of the Product

*Due to the top-quality materials, probably the best on the bouncer market, this particular inflatable toy is very resistant to natural dangers like flower thorns or tree branches, if set up in the garden. Moreover, the puncture proof nature of the inflatable castle keep the bouncer safe even indoors, where the danger of getting accidentally stung with something is increased. In short, the materials and texture of this inflatable house will definitely beat your expectations.

*The compact constitution makes the bouncer compatible with both the inside of your home and the yard. This way, you do not have to worry about kids staying out too much or spending too much time inside, as the bouncer offers the same properties and the same amount of fun whether it is placed outside or inside.

*This inflatable bouncer comes in dreamy, bright hues which will be inspiring, making them feel like they are protagonists in a fairy tale.

*More than only offering a great opportunity to have heaps fun, the inflatable castle also provides an interactive space for physical activity and your kids will do sports daily without having to feel obligated to do so.

*Another great thing about this Castle Bounce House is that it comes with several additional items which will help you assemble a wonderful playground for children.

*If you are thinking it is going to take forever to assemble and deflate the bouncer, there is nothing to worry about in this respect. The blower is really silent and it will inflate it in a couple of minutes, hands down. Likewise, taking the bouncer down will only consume five minutes of your time.

*The deflated bouncer and the blower perfectly fit into the bag and are easily storable.

*You will easily have the possibility to watch kids at play, thanks to the basketball hoop.

*Besides the basketball hoop breakthrough design, the new version of the Bounceland Bounce House has an innovating Velcro piece which offers a plus of safety for your children when they get in or out of their mini-paradise!

Drawbacks of the Product

*Even if the other additional elements that come together with the Inflatable Castle are excellent qualitatively, the storage bag is rather feeble. More accurately, the material and the handles are fragile and the zipper is also not very resistant. The good news is that to make things easier, the bag can be easily replaced with other containers like a bin or a sack.

*The basketball hoop is definitely an avant-garde, smart solution to have your kids supervised while they play, but on the other hand, it may be too low for tall kids. However, for young kids the castle's height is just fine.

*The company provides patch for emergency situations, but glue is not included in the price. Anyway, this can be found at various stores, so it is a minor problem.

Customer Reviews

There is no need to be a specialist or a Bounceland Castle promoter to notice its high quality. That is why this dreamy bouncer has received positive reviews from the customers who bought it. Concretely, on various websites the product has been given 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers declare that buying this has definitely been the right investment, as it allows their kids to find new ways of playing.

Also, regarding safety and the administrative part, the buyers show their satisfaction and happily recommend the product to the others. Shortly, the architecture, the materials, the size and the equipment of the Bounceland Castle Bounce House have all met up with customers' expectations and had them realize this little funhouse is appropriate for both indoors and outdoors.

Bottom Line

There is not much left to say, but it is worth repeating that this Bounceland inflatable bouncer is clearly the right thing to buy if you want to offer your kids some marvelous and healthy entertainment. It will not make your kids crazy about it, but it will also ensure you of their safety thanks to the top-quality of the materials and the robustness of the bouncer. So, if you think it is time your children went to a new level of high time, Bounceland Castle Inflatable Bounce House should definitely be their comrade in this discovery!

Making an informed choice is not just about safety and pricing, but also about seeing the new Inflatable Castle you buy from a child's perspective.

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