Seven Christening Gift Ideas For Babies

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When it comes to important occasions, a gift should be as special as the event itself.  Christening is an essential affair for any Christians where, from the word itself, the baby is brought to Christ and given his or her name. The baby becomes accepted by the whole Christian community which calls for a celebration.

Deciding which gifts to give for christening babies is a hard task. When choosing for a gift, certain criteria must be met. A gift should support the child's spiritual growth. It should also be thoughtful. Importantly, it should be lasting and it should contain the memories that would be treasured by the child as he grows, creating a bond between the giver and the receiver.

To help you decide on which Christening gift to give, here are the seven best and most appropriate christening gifts for babies:

1. Keepsake Box

A keepsake box which has silver plating engraved with the baby's name is not only charming but also important. The white christening gown, the shoes, socks, the bib and blanket, and other memorabilia can be kept in this box. This could also serve as a time capsule – keeping all you childhood stuff tucked in a nicely adorned box which could be enjoyed by the child as he grows, remembering the day when he became a Christian.

3. A Photo album

Any photo album will do but a personalized or handmade one can be really special. Keep the photos of your family, the child's cousins, godparents, or the activities during the Christening neatly organized in almost a scrapbook-like fashion in a special photo album to keep the memories last forever.

5. Cross Necklace

This inspirational gift is apt for the important occasion. An 18-k gold cross pendant in 14 inch chain is fit for the child's neck. Just be sure it's hypoallergenic for the baby's sensitive skin. A good alternative or addition to the cross necklace is the heart necklace. The name of the baby can be engraved on plated heart necklace.

6. Monetary Gift

This gift could be in any form such as a lovely personalized money box with child's name and the date of Christening written on it or it could be a savings account in the name of the child. You could deposit an amount annually or as often as you want. This will teach the child thrift and will help him secure his future financially.

7. A Christening set containing a Bib and a Blanket

These items, which are to be kept in your keepsake box, is pretty with the hand-embroidered name of the baby to make it sweet and personal. There are multi- purpose bib which can be transformed into a handkerchief when the baby girl grows to be a woman. If it's a boy, he could give the handkerchief to his wife when he finally gets married.  Whether it is made in fine satin or a thick absorbent cloth, it will be fine; the child will be as happy to see his old keepsake even when he's all grown up.

Now that we've enumerated the best christening gifts for babies, it's time to try this shopping list. Just remember, gift are expressions of love. No matter how costly or cheap the gift is, as long as it comes from the heart, nothing could become as memorable and as special.

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