Six Unique Birthday Gifts for Kids That Will Make Them Feel Grown-up

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Does your child long to be a "grown up"? Does he beg to do what the grown ups do? If so, why not treat him or her to a birthday gift that's worthy of a grownup? It just might be the best birthday gift your child has had. Here are some birthday gift ideas for children that will make them feel "all grown up" on their special day:

Unique kids birthday gift: A visit to Starbucks

You may not be ready to have your child drink coffee, but you could take him to Starbucks for a grown up hot chocolate on his birthday. Imagine how mature your child will feel when he goes to the "big person's" coffee shop. You can drink the coffee while your child enjoys a deluxe hot chocolate with whipped cream and a slice of birthday cake. He'll remember this special birthday trip for many years to come.

Unique kids birthday gift: A trip to a late night matinee

Children love the idea of staying up late especially when they can see a movie on the big screen at the same time. Choose a movie your child will enjoy and take him to a late night showing that's past his bedtime. Let him splurge on some popcorn or peanuts and enjoy the evening with the other grown ups who get to stay up late. Just be sure the movie is appropriate for a less mature audience.

Unique kids birthday gift: Open up a bank account for your child

Open up a bank account in your child's name and place his birthday money in it. Show him the passbook and how much money he has in his new bank account. Explain to him how his money can grow by drawing interest if he doesn't spend it. This is a great way to teach financial responsibility to your child at a young age. Plus, he's going to feel special having a bank account of his own.

Unique kids birthday gift: Lunch with dad at the office

On your child's birthday, why not treat him to a grown up lunch with dad in dad's office cafeteria or a nearby restaurant? Let your child have the thrill of ordering exactly what he wants from the menu. He'll feel very grown up eating with dad in a grown up environment.. Let the restaurant know it's your child's birthday and he may get a free dessert.

Unique kids birthday gift: Let your child be a grown up for a day

On your child's birthday, give him the chance to play adult on his birthday. Let him decide where your family will go and what you'll do for the day. (within reason, of course). Instead of telling him what time to go to bed on his birthday, ask him when he thinks he should go. This experience is actually a good exercise in teaching responsibility and accountability to your child. To be a grown up for a day is actually the dream of many children. Give your child the chance to see what it's like on his special day.

Birthdays are a special time for kids and the chance to do a grown up activity on his special day is sure to thrill your child. Instead of heading for the mall, try one of these birthday gift ideas for children. It sure beats buying another toy!

Written by Kristie.Leong.M.D

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