Top Ideas For Christening Gifts For Boys

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Are you having trouble finding that perfect christening gifts for boys? You may be hard-pressed to find something special and unique to buy a newborn if you?ve already attended the baby shower, or maybe the idea of presenting christening gifts for boys is a new experience for you. Here are some ideas to pick a memorable present to mark the start of a new life in the Christian faith.

Engraved or Personalized Religious Items ? Items like sterling silver crosses or crucifixes, first Bibles, or patron saint medallions with the boy?s name engraved on them are excellent christening gifts ideas. They are items that the boy can carry with him throughout his life in the faith.

Baby Clothing ? New parents will most likely welcome baby clothing, so buying them some necessary garments will take some stress off their minds. Keep in mind the boy?s age when choosing clothing as christening gifts as babies grow very quickly. You will also want to take into account whether the boy is large or small for his age ? baby clothes are sized according to months, so adjust accordingly. Parents usually buy clothes that are slightly larger than the baby?s current size so that months from now the baby will still fit into them.

Toys and Utensils ? There are some items that every baby has and are usually cherished and kept as keepsakes after the child has grown. Baby toys, baby games, and drinking and eating utensils are great ideas for christening gifts for boys. Because a christening is a special occasion in a child?s life, you may want to choose some of these items in sterling silver or gold. Engraving the item with the child?s post-christening name or his initials will make your gift even more thoughtful and endearing.

Jewelery ? No longer strictly a feminine accessory, necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks are a different and interest christening gifts for boys. Think of perhaps giving the child a necklace with his birthstone as a pendant. Additionally, you can also have his initials engraved onto the pendant beside the stone to personalize it further. While the baby will probably not use any cufflinks immediately, they can be kept for the future when he has future special occasions to attend, like future religious sacraments that require formal wear.

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