Traditions Of Giving Christening Gifts

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The christening dates back thousands of years and silver gifts were often given to start the baby off in life because of the monetary value. It's a time when the family will come together to celebrate the naming of baby. Time to search for unique christening gifts for the child.

When we think of gifts for a baby, we think of teddy bears and what would be nicer than a personalised Singing Teddy Bear, that will sing a song with the name of the baby included. Teddy bears are to cuddle and comfort and a baby always needs more than one to love.

Godparents everywhere spend days looking for the right gift for baby, to show they are taking their part seriously. Finding baby a keepsake that will be cherished forever; it has to be special. The christening joins baby to the family faith and gifts are more traditionally given now as a reminder of this special day. Promises are made and some forgotten, but mostly baby is spoiled and parents are glowing with pride. Godparents may not remember all the promises they make, but that beautiful gift is there to remind the little one that once upon a time, they had their special day.

There will be much story telling in years to come, how they had champagne to celebrate and how well the beautiful engraved Pewter Baby Cup has survived the years. What a special gift, with your own words engraved as a constant reminder of your very best wishes for the child.

It takes a few moments of thought to personalise a gift with memorable words, to make the most cherished gift for a christening. It's not only the gift but the words you have engraved that will make it unique and special. Using baby's name on the gift is thoughtful and spelling it right is necessary; there are so many unusual names today.

Searching for memorable christening gifts for baby is easy because of the large range of unique gifts available. A traditional gift perhaps or maybe something quite different will take your fancy, but all will be treasured for a long time to come. Perhaps you will stretch to a bottle of bubbly for Mum and Dad to relax with after baby is sleeping peacefully; well it was just a wild thought! It all sounds so idyllic.

Baby will take the first faltering steps and it will be reported to everyone in the family; this is a major event! The date and time are recorded for posterity. The photograph has been taken and it has been added to the Bundle of Joy Engraved Photo Album, the perfect christening gift that baby will grow up to appreciate. Sweet memories in the making!

The Victorians were influential in changing the type of gifts given for christenings, from those of purely a monetary value. There is such a wide variety of gifts now more traditionally given. Your gift will be enjoyed and treasured for years to come. In giving a christening gift, you are taking part in a long tradition that has continued for hundreds of years; how cool is that!

There are gifts that you may prefer because they are practical or more specifically for boys or girls. Many of them suitable for engraving and whatever you choose, it's sure to be a perfect choice! Not forgetting the christening card, which is all part of the souvenir of the occasion; it's the little things that mean so much.

This is probably baby's first big occasion, often it's before the first birthday. It is also a time when proud parents show off their offspring to family and friends. Baby will be in a special gown and Dad will be made to wear his suit again; first time since the wedding and it fits snug. Everyone will be in a happy mood and trying to recall the procedure of it all. You may recall it ends with a few drinks, bottle of bubbly maybe, that's the fun part.

At the end of the day everyone will be glowing, happy and tired. Baby will be sleeping and proud parents will be recalling the happy day with friends who are lingering. The atmosphere now more relaxed, the christening gifts are put on display for all to see.

Memories of the special day will be recalled over the years. What a great occasion a christening is; make your gift unique and memorable.

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