Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under $10 – PART 2

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Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under - PART 2

Gift Mix in a Jar- These are so fun to make and give. They are simple gifts to make that will delight your family & friends. You can use any jar with a tight-fitting lid, like mason or pasta sauce jars. Layer the dry ingredients in the jar, then tie the jar with ribbons and attach a card with instructions. Ideas are cake mix, brownie mix, pancake mix, bread mix, muffin mix, etc.…lots of ideas and recipes can be found online like www.kitchenmixgifts.com.
Gingerbread Man Cookie Mix - Put dry ingredients of gingerbread cookies in a cellophane bag, then tie with ribbons, instructions and gingerbread man cookie cutter as an embellishment.
Got Mail? Make a miniature mailbox & put your handwritten letter in it!
Gourmet Caramel Popcorn- It can be bought, but better if homemade! Recipes and instructions can be found online when you search “how to make caramel popcorn”. Put the caramel popcorn in an airtight container, then package it with a box or gift bag lined with colored tissue paper. Attach a nice personalized gift tag.
Gourmet Chocolate Bars - Put in a clear cellophane bag & twist tie. Use organza or wired ribbon for a chic effect.
Gourmet Coffee Sachets - Put some coffee sachets in a coffee mug, wrap with cellophane & tie with ribbon bow.
Handmade Card - Use a stamped pattern, attach pretty charms, embellishments, glue pressed flowers, make a pop-up card…there are endless ways of making a homemade card. Browse through the craft magazines in the bookstores and you'll be surprised at the beautiful card designs you can make! Photo Cards are also nice to give. You can make them using word-processor or graphics program.
Handmade Flash Cards- This is another gift idea you can make for kids. Make your own, or search online for printable ones.
Handwritten kid's book - This makes a wonderful gift! Children are imaginative and creative by nature. The stories that they write with their imagination are just awesome. They can write stories, riddles or jokes… The best gifts I have ever received from my kids are their handwritten stories. Written in simple pieces of paper then stapled on the sides to make a “book”, they're priceless!
Handwritten Recipes- Share your special recipes…write them in pretty stationeries. It's memorable, and usually kept & treasured for years.
Healthy Basket - Buy a small basket from a discount or dollar store and fill with a variety of fruits.
Heart in a Box - Buy a little heart-shaped soap, place it in a small box, (gold colored box if you can find one) then tie with the pretty little ribbon, and attach a heartfelt note.
Home - Make a small house-shaped gift using clay, foam, wood, etc. Decorate and attach a card saying “Mom and Dad, thank you for making our house a Home”.
Home Video - This is another gift that will really be treasured! It's ideal for friends and relatives who are far away.
Homemade "to do" list Clipboard - Nice gift for the ladies! Decorate, embellish and personalize a plain clipboard and apply "To Do" colorful alphabet stickers.
Homemade Bath Salts- This is a nice and soothing gift. It can be bought or can be homemade using epsom salts, etc. There are many tutorials on the web on how to make this. Put in a pretty jar and tie with ribbons.
Homemade Bookend - Put sand/stones in 2 plastic bags & place them in 2 boxes. Paint the boxes, decorate or glue nice paper. This makes a nice gift for someone who loves to read.
Homemade Bracelet - The easiest and fastest is to string a bracelet using patterned beads. My favorite beads store is www.artbeads.com. They offer free shipping in the US with no minimum, and only shipping to Canada. I've bought beautiful beads from them that make awesome bracelets for less than . Put your homemade bracelet in a nice little box and tie it off with metallic ribbons.
Homemade Brownies - They're yummy & are such a special treat! Package them in a jar or metal tin & tie with ribbons. Or put the brownies in a plastic bag, then place in a terracotta pot lined with a tea towel.
Homemade Bug Collection Kit - Great gift idea for kids! Improvise one using a small container and put a small fish net and magnifying glass.
Homemade Granola- Granola is healthy but often the commercial ones are too sweet. By making your own granola you can control the sugar content. Search "homemade granola" on the internet and you can find lots of recipes & ideas. Homemade granola bars wrapped in colorful cellophane, then put in a nice little box or bottle with a label & ribbon makes a thoughtful gift. You can also attach the recipe.
Homemade Memory Game - Make a nice wholesome family game using pictures of family members, pets, etc. Unleash your creativity and this memory game is sure to provide the family hours and hours of fun and laughter!
Homemade Muffins- Nothing's better than homemade! Use festive paper cups or for kids, use popular character designed paper cups. Put in a paper plate and wrap with plastic wrap. Or instead of baked muffins, give a homemade muffin mix and include a muffin pan.
Homemade Personalized Address Labels - or labels for organizing. Great gift idea for everyone!
Homemade Portrait - If you have a graphics program, you can turn regular photos into instant portraits with effects like vignette, black-and-white, sepia, etc. If you don't have a graphics program you can download a trial version for usually a month.
Homemade Salsa - This is a kind of gift that has your personal touch & is not too hard to make. Recipes can be found online, and you can vary it however you like. Put it in a bottle & wrap with a pack of whole-grain tortilla chips.
Homemade Seasoning- It can be expensive to buy ready-made bottled dry seasonings in the store, why not make your own? Buy in bulk & put in seasoning bottles that can be bought for at the dollar store. Personalize and give as gifts! You can make several different kinds and wrap them together nicely. Recipe ideas can also be found online.
Homemade Shopping List Pad - Great gift idea for Moms! Buy an inexpensive pretty lined memo pad, attach to a cardboard slightly bigger than the memo pad, decorate and personalize the cardboard, then attach the magnet to the back of the cardboard so it can stick to the fridge.
Homemade Soap- Bath and body gifts are nice to give. There are many websites teaching how to make homemade soap if you would like to learn how to make it.
Homemade Stationery/Note Pads - By using a variety of rubber stamps you can create personalized note pads in a jiffy!
Homemade Sushi - A lot of people like to eat sushi but do not have the time to make it at home. For the holidays if you have some spare time why not make a batch and make several packs to give to your friends or family? There are many sushi recipes & tutorials that can be found on the web.
Homemade Vase - Wrap an elastic around a can or glass. Then insert twigs, cut them to be the same height as the can/glass. Keep on inserting the twigs until whole can/glass is covered. Cover elastic with ribbon, then put stones & nice bunch of flowers inside the vase.
Hot Cocoa Kit - Use mug as “the basket”, put cocoa mix packet, miniature marshmallows, kisses chocolates, wrap with cellophane and tie with metallic curling ribbons.
Hugs & Kisses- Buy a small teddy bear and attach a mini pack of hugs & kisses chocolates & a gift tag that says “You're Beary Sweet” or "You're the Beary Best"XOXO XOXO
I Love You Book - You may be wondering “what can I give to the person I love”? Make a little book and title it 101 Reasons Why I Love You”.
IOU Coupons- Handwrite or print coupons for your loved ones. Ideas are breakfast in bed, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. This is a great gift idea for Mother's Day and Father's Day.
Letter of Appreciation - A letter that expresses a heartfelt thank you is a wonderful gift one cannot put a price tag on. Give it with a stem of rose to make it even sweeter! It's a thoughtful gift that will long be remembered.
Lipstick Kiss - Ladies this is a unique gift idea! You can give this to surprise your loved one. Make a homemade greeting card, and to make it really stand out, put a real kiss, your kiss! Put on red lipstick, "kiss" the card so it will have the shape imprint of your lips. Write a love note, put in a handmade envelope and add a "hug" chocolate. Wow!
Love Box - In the dollar or craft store look for 3 small boxes (a box that has a smaller box within and when opened another smaller box within it). In the smallest box put a note that says “I love you, from the depth of my heart" and put a kiss chocolate. This is great for valentines, birthdays or anniversaries…if you can find a heart-shaped box that's even better!
Magnetic Photo Frames- Frames do not have to be rectangular or circular, it can be any shape you want. It can be something you cut out from a magazine, book,

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