What is the best wooden railway set for Thomas trains?

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Question by Jenny: What is the best wooden railway set for Thomas trains?
My son has the Learning Curve Thomas trains (slowly expanding collection) and the next step is to buy him a railway set. He has played with the Roundhouse Thomas & Friends set in a store and liked it, but it is kind of expensive. I'm trying to figure out what sets are compatible with the Thomas trains- I've read online that the Imaginarium sets are NOT compatible, but the old Brio wooden track sets are. I want to be able to expand the track set with Thomas items, like the hospital and Cranky, etc. I would also like to get a set that has bridges, tunnels and a shed for the trains.

Quality is important- I don't want something that will fall apart with general use. Please let me know from your experience which sets you liked and which ones didn't work. Thanks!

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Answer by Endeavour Toys
Hi Jenny,

There are four high quality wooden track sets at the link below that are compatible with Thomas the Tank systems. These tracks also can be expanded to include bridges, train houses, etc. Various Track pieces can be purchased separately. Best of all, they are made in the USA and are built to last!


Best wishes.

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