Wonderful Gift Ideas for Teenagers

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It's not as hard as you think to find the perfect gift for a ten year old girl. Because they are preteens they might be very picky and not like everything you give them. This list will help you find the perfect gift for a ten year old girl.

First would be a diary. Girls and woman really love to write out their thoughts and to look back at them in the future. The best diary out there would be a 5 or 10 year diary that allows her to write in the book daily what happened in her life and what she thought about it. It's a really great gift because it will be able to hold every one of her memories for 10 years.

Ten year old girls love to pretend to be fashion designers. You can support this fantasy by giving them one of two things. You can give her a fashion designer game for her hand held gaming system or you can give her the real thing such as a small sewing machine and a yard or two of fabric.

The next gift a ten year old girl would like is books. Books are great for even the non-reader. If you want to be different and get her something that will last for a very long time you can buy her an ebook reader. You can also give her a subscription to her favorite magazine. Even educational books are great for a 10 year old girl.

You can also give her a digital picture frame if she already has a digital camera.

This will save her money because she won't have to go a pay for printing all the pictures she takes. It will also be something she can keep for years to come. If she is into music a MP3 is also a great thing. If she already has one you can give her a set of speakers so that she can listen to her music without the ear buds.

Ten year old girls tend to like crafts or sports. If she is a sport lover you can give her something sports like such as professional lessons that will help her become better at her favorite sport. If she is a craft lover you can sign her up for lessons for a new fun craft that she has been wanting to do for awhile. Why not try something different like a painting or comic book drawing class that can challenge her while she has fun.

Still unsure? Then visit a few stores and buy a few gift cards. Place them into a nice birthday card and watch her smile happily.

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