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Article by Tariq Ghazi

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association or ASTRA as it is more precisely renowned has been making toys that are marked as Best Toy for Kids. They have disclosed a special package this year. They have fine-tuned their operations to choose the winners to acquire more feedback from retail toy shops throughout the nation. Now a new and extraordinary look has been applied to the best toys for kids and the members are presented numerous means to yield need for the toys. The consumers are accessed over a programme supported by a social media as also a blogging programme to lead consumers to member store locator of ASTRA.There is good news for the gift buyers. Best toys for kids will be available in close vicinity. Their local shops will be full of these. The best toys for kids have been chosen by over 500 of America's leading retail toy vendors. In selecting the best toys of 2009, ASTRA has selected the most original fun making and dependable toys for the children. These toys are such as would evoke a child's imagination, stimulate the child's love for discovery and exploration. Toys that aid to build up creativity in youngsters, captivate babies as also draw somewhat older kids are available in this remarkable collection.The best toys for kids listing is exhaustive and facilitates the parents to opt toys corresponding to the assorted plays the toy is produced for. To pick out the right type of toy, the shoppers can bank on the toy retail merchants who have extensive experience and reasoning of the child's tastes. Some of the toys and their remarkable characteristics are listed here.Infant Play - The long necked giraffe christened "Sophie" has existed with infants for decades. It can be dealt with complete ease and squeezed and chewed by infants without any danger. It is lovable and highly fascinating particularly when it lets loose a peculiar sound when pressed. For kids aged 10 and more the "Power House Green" toy instructs kids about alternative energy and facts of living over 30 experiments and building 10 models. For infants another innovative toy is the "Natural Skwish" which aids children to develop motor skills. It provides optical excitement. It has bent web of rods and strings which can be contracted out of shape and gets back slowly to the initial figure. And for slightly older kids, the "Snap Circuit Green" teaches kids about energy, environment, working of electricity at home.Automoblox vehicles rank foremost among children's toys. It is best fitted for the imaginative and questioning mind. A child's talent can be gauged through this. It has modular wooden vehicles enabling the fledgling brains to plan and build cars and trucks. A building set called "Magformers" is an amazing combining of Geometry, Magnetism and creativeness. There are irresistible 12 triangles and 18 squares around whose sides' strong magnets are encapsulated. In a certain combination, these pieces are settled flat and raised vertically to figure a ball. To understand more about the best children's toys, log on to

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Gift-shoppers searching for quality and value this holiday season will not have to look far--they can find the best toys for kids right around the corner at their neighborhood toy store. The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) is excited to share our 2009 Best Toys for Kids Award Winners. Visit now!

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