3 Simple Birthday Gifts From Paper

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Hello! In this video we will be making 3 simple Birthday gift from paper!



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14 Responses to 3 Simple Birthday Gifts From Paper

  1. Shalu Gupta says:

    Gift idea nice

  2. Jakob Bourne says:

    personalised childrens books make for neat gift ideas to kids. They're educational books but you're able to have certain aspects customized, and basically theme it accordingly. Great for book loving kids at a young age and cheap too

  3. Gaurav Creation YT #GK says:

    Thank mam

  4. Samiksha Sharma says:


  5. nikitha says:

    Please do only with white paper no rope

  6. nikitha says:

    But nice???

  7. Sajitha Kk says:

    1,3 gift is super

  8. Parisa Sinha says:

    Wow you are amazing you have so many talent ???

  9. @paglaM10? says:


  10. Madhu Behl says:

    Ooh my name is Aditya

  11. ForgetfulVidsGames says:

    What your brother name is Adiya? What a ew name ?

  12. Abhinav Ajay says:

    OMG!! amazing ideas???keep up the Good work!!!

  13. Kaya Tazabek says:

    This is not experts of creativity , all I just see is a black woman

  14. Zainab Naqvi says:

    Keep up the great work ?

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