Airhogs Vectron Wave Review

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Airhogs Vectron Wave Review. MOTION SENSORED!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5

The Vectron Wave flying UFO looks like a lot of fun- IF it is controllable. Trying the Vectron Wave- we are reminded o...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to Airhogs Vectron Wave Review

  1. Mya Morquecho says:

    Can you do one on Tony HawkCircuit board they sell them at toys R us I want
    to buy circuitboard but I’m not sure?

  2. Ivan Cortes says:

    What store did you get it from??

  3. Pokémon is awesome says:

    It’s tracks not tranks?

  4. tornado tubeHD says:

    subscribe to me if you like my channel?

  5. Ameera Rey says:

    What is roxanas YouTube channel ?

  6. • Sydney • says:

    Never been so early to one of your videos.?

  7. tornado tubeHD says:

    i got the same color,FX edition and got it from target?

  8. tornado tubeHD says:

    There was a earlier Version but this is more better that the earlier
    version ?

  9. Underpantsniper says:

    Wow, this thing seems dangerous for kids.?

  10. Polona Jenšterle says:

    sometimes father is just wrong he says weird thing?

  11. Norma Picard says:

    your a great father and shes butiful?

  12. SKYRIM LORD says:

    and i got the new version for 15 dollar$?

  13. everthinka says:

    Of courts it gets caught in your hair if you do it on perpouse?

  14. SKYRIM LORD says:

    U need 2 hold ur hand at a distance far enough ( at least 5 inches) so the
    sensors will sense u when it goes down because if its to close it wants to
    fly up right away btw i have the blue one the 2.0?

  15. clake10000 says:

    Our dog ate ours. Shame really…it was really cool.

  16. xUnionJackGirlx says:

    well if you could read it says REVIEW not DEMO theres going to be talking

  17. Legodoran says:

    Hello guys. I do gaming on my channel. If you have time, check me out. I
    could use some more viewers!

  18. Niels Top says:

    This thing doesn’t work just like most other new toys.?

  19. Pulga777 says:

    voce fala portugues
    eu ouvi voce nao é do Brasil.
    this house is big.?

  20. charles cahill says:

    How do you countrol it??

  21. Ivan Cortes says:

    I am getting the red and black one!?

  22. Nashwa mm says:

    hey kiddo your dog is a pretty cool : )?

  23. lillianna deguiceis says:

    i have one and every time i turn it on it shuts off help i dont know what
    to do?

  24. Fran U. says:

    Thanks for the video, my grandson wants one… guess what he’ll get for
    Christmas? :)?

  25. Bill Page says:

    God Bless everyone inChrist allways chubby billpage illusionist magician in
    fun:)same bat time same bat channel ?

  26. Bill Page says:

    Very good now if I had room like you do I could have fun with mine I got
    two years ago ps I tried it this year cause I basically now open it up and
    charged it with the gun charger thing and it goes up in the air really good
    with out the stick catch throw to friends and family cause put the orange
    or is it red? stick anyways it Ackerman like a weight it would go up in the
    air unless I take the stick holder thing off my room is small so not much
    room but up then it stays on floor I tried it out side it won’t work but
    stay on deck porch floor so I most be doing something way wrong or your a
    expert at this ufo stuff 🙂 Godblesd everyone :)?

  27. Fusionfighter123 says:

    Mine is defective. It won’t fly and the charge last only for like 1 minute.
    Idk how to fix it?

  28. Richard Ellison says:

    I will say this im a kid at heart and as flimsy as this is i love it , 5 –
    10 minutes of air time not a lot but it is fun, Get it for your kids?

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