Are there really “girl toys” and “boy toys”?

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Question by Army Bride: Are there really "girl toys" and "boy toys"?
I think its all a social construct. Society complains when little boys play with dolls and plastic kitchens and 20 years later complain about men who don't take care of their children or help out around the house. On the other hand, girls are told not to play with cars and trucks and then everyone complains women are bad drivers!

What do you think? Would children benefit from playing with both "boy" and "girl" toys regardless of their gender?

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Answer by Sérgio Gutierres
Id say society benefits from equalizing the two genders rather then setting them apart. Kids in basic school are allways in two groups, girls and boys. This later can influence their socialization and group activities, be it in school or not
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3 Responses to Are there really “girl toys” and “boy toys”?

  1. bubbliebub says:

    I don’t consider toys gender specific. I bought a toy make-up kit for a friend’s daughter and it turned out that her brother had just as much fun with it. While she used it to be a princess he used it to look like a clown. I think you can seriously limit a child’s creativity by restricting them to toys meant for boys or girls.

  2. Annamarie . says:

    And playing with dolls and cars isn’t what causes people to be dead beat fathers and ignorant drivers.

  3. momma dread says:

    my daughter has a board game called “Girls Only”… one can argue that it would be only for girls, although my son thinks its a blast

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