besides money, what would you gift a baby boy for his baptism?

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Question by comeovaheremaria: besides money, what would you gift a baby boy for his baptism?
i dont want to give money like everyone else

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Answer by Science is God
You should give him a book by Richard Dawkins.

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6 Responses to besides money, what would you gift a baby boy for his baptism?

  1. misslissa121 says:

    We were all given a child’s Bible, a Precious Moment one. It will not be of any use to a baby, but is something that was put up for us along with the rosary my great grandmother gave each of her grandkids and great grandkids.

  2. caito_potato says:

    Thats a tricky one.

    for girls you can get, like jewlery with their name on it (bangle) or a necklace for when they are older, but for a boy, you could maby get:

    – photo album that he can build up on in life
    – like I got a serviet holder with my name on it
    – my brother got a sterling silver mug / cup with his name on it.
    – Candle

    sorry some websites to help you:

    hope that can give you some ideas at least.
    sorry i couldn’t be more help.


  3. george h says:

    a kiddie bible

  4. d9p_in_the_village says:

    You should give him a prayer book (Children’s Bible) suitable to his age. Be sure and write something special inside the cover and he will cherish it throughout his childhood as he gets a little older.

    I just thought about this – I have seen Prayer Bears they are teddy bears that say a bedtime prayer. I think that would be appropriate as well.

  5. anthony says:

    get him a get well soon card.

  6. The Truth, I Am says:

    A card that says, “Sorry your parents are selfish and you couldn’t choose for yourself.”

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