Can you have a baby shower with your second baby?

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Question by Kimi is 30 weeks & 4/7 w/# 2!: Can you have a baby shower with your second baby?
I'm having another girl soI have alot of baby girl stuff but I liked the party. So would it be rude of me to want to have another? My daughter is only 8 months old.

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Answer by 🙂
of course! everyine has one with every child.. I see nothing wrong with it!!!!!

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16 Responses to Can you have a baby shower with your second baby?

  1. manthamom says:

    I think it very tacky when people have a second shower

  2. *~*MOMMY TO BE*~* says:

    Every baby deserves a baby shower… I’m sure that you’d want to buy “new things” for this coming one… and I’m sure you’ve seen things that you might like for her too that maybe you didn’t have from your first… It’s fine… Have it and enjoy…

  3. drjohndeere says:

    I could see for a different gender but not the same, especially since your first is still so young! If you like to party, just trow a party to celebrate your pregnancy but no gifts, that’s just being greedy!

  4. LuvMy2and1/2kidlets says:

    You could have the party, but ask the guests don’t bring gifts. Maybe make it a Diaper Party, where all the guests bring diapers or wipes?

  5. Preggers says:

    Yeah, if you want one, have one. I don’t see why not. If you have everything you need because you already have one little girl, have a diaper party. So instead of people bringing blankets and clothes, they bring diapers!! You can never have enough.

  6. Jessica says:

    Its your baby, have one if you want. I don’t know why everyone leaves out the 2nd child, I was the oldest and my baby book was filled out completly and I have a ton of pics, but my brother has hardly anything like that, mom didnt even take the time to fill out all of his baby book.

  7. Mrs. Jordan says:

    Of Course

  8. christilee says:

    Yes if your lucky enough to have someone throw you a baby shower there’s nothing wrong with it. I think it would be kinda of weird for you to throw one yourself.

  9. tw9165 says:

    Honestly, most people I talk to think its tacky.
    But if someone offers, have at it.
    One suggestion might be, since you have a lot of the girl stuff, is to have a diaper party where people give diapers and wipes and if they want they can bring clothes or something else you request etc.

  10. Love My Angel* says:

    Sure, why not??

    Have fun <3

  11. A***n G says:

    it is an old rule in my family that you only get one shower for the first baby, but people are having showers for second, third, sixth baby all the time.


  12. funMommy says:

    have only your close friends and family come and do not ask for gifts, just come for fun and games!
    unless if there is something that you need, make a small registry just in case but don’t push it on people. alot of people get gifts for the baby after they are there anyway.
    uhh.. if you ask for diapers…please make sure everyone get’s different sizes so you don’t have too many newborn diapers. and make sure you have room to store all those diapers! gift cards would be better

  13. mbrcatz17 says:

    Yes, I think it’s very tacky. You have a girl already, you have all the girl STUFF. If you want a party, go to a baby shower for someone else. OR, have the baby shower, with all presents to be donated, not to YOU, but to a local women’s shelter, or Project Gabriel, or another program that aids unwed mothers.

  14. Sarah C says:

    Not at all ne excuse for a party!

  15. Precious says:

    My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and I’m 13 weeks pregnant and my sister says I should have another baby shower no matter if it’s a girl or boy, but definitely if it’s a boy. It won’t be as big as my 1st baby shower but why not. I know a woman with three girls and she had three baby showers. P.S. I was thinking of having a diaper shower (everyone bring diapers, if I’m having a girl). That would rock!

  16. AKAKENF says:

    of course

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