Christening gift ideas for a baby girl?

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Question by ShesElectric: Christening gift ideas for a baby girl?
For under a tenner please :0)

Best answer:

Answer by moroccan_blond

A nice silver cuttlery set (about £6.00 in argos)
then get this engraved at a local key cutting store (£2.00)
A handwritten poem (good if your godparent) (free)
A handmade card (as above) (about £2.00)

Makes a nice personalised gift, parents will love it.

Nice and cheap, just at £10!

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10 Responses to Christening gift ideas for a baby girl?

  1. liss says:

    a c.d! you can get one personalised on ebay , and i think it makes a great gift!
    even better its just £1.99 and £0.75p postage , still leaves a lil bit of money for something else!
    id check it out if i were u !
    Happy shoppin…

  2. Loulla says:

    You can get her a nice, plain silver cross and chain for her-Argos have them in their childrens jewellery section, as do H Samuel.

    You could also get her a pink photo album so that she can have pics of her special day in there especially.

  3. suzy c says:

    Start a savings plan with the tenner.

  4. Charla A says:

    a bible & a cross that either hangs on the wall or a rosary cross necklace.

  5. lees says:

    you can get sets in argos which has 2 boxes,one for the first snip of hair and one for the first lost tooth theyre silver and gorgeous,i got one 4 my eldest as a present,they may be a bit more than a tenner but worth it!!go on splash out!!!!!!!

  6. CRAIG R says:

    baby outfits

  7. Quinn says:

    a membership to a photo studio. i work for one and theres lots of good deals and savings with them. all parents love pics especially of their babys

  8. quierounvaquero says:

    The best thing you can do for her is tell her mother not to have her baptised, as she will most likely grow up to not believe in the Christian religion and resent the fact that her mother imposed a religious ceremony on her when she had no control over it.

  9. kjoan01 says:

    a kids bible, a personalized bible, veggietales toys or movie or cd- are some things i can think of.

  10. Mignon F says:

    You could get the baby something unusual like a small trinket box–they usually get some type of jewlry and it can be used for that.

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