Christening gift ideas for a boy?

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Question by apple: Christening gift ideas for a boy?
My friends are having their 1 year old boy christened soon, and I want to get a gift. However, they are flying in from a foreign country (where they now live) and so it can't be big or heavy. Also, I don't want to get some lame, useless silver spoon or whatever. They're pretty good friends of mine, so it will have to be something nice & memorable! Any ideas for something interesting or unusual?

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Answer by Don
A small cross to hang on the wall in the boy's bedroom. My sister and I always had a picture of a gaurdian angel hanging in our room. Something for the boys bedroom wall. Precious moments has some "wall crosses" for kids to hang on thier walls.

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  1. dutton10 says:

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  2. JustMe says:

    We recently had to go to a Christening and were shopping for a unique gift too. We bought a personalized picture frame with religious charms. Something like this –

  3. * Princess Aimee's Mummy with a bump* says:

    jewellery, photo album or frame to put pictures in from the day, any type of keepsake to mark the occassion is a good present for christenings.

  4. Multiple Miracles says:

    You could get a nice baby Bible. My twins got one at their Christening and I read it to them often 🙂 They also got a cross with their names engraved on them. I bought my daughter a cross necklace for when she gets older, and getting one for my son when I find one I like.

    If you go to a Christain store, I’m sure you will find something or at least get more ideas

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