Christening gift?

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Question by ChocLover: Christening gift?
Any ideas for an original christening gift? I've got 2 coming up in the next couple of weeks (one boy & one girl) and am stuck for gift ideas.
The last one I went to I thought I was being really original by getting a silver plated tooth and curl box, turns out they got about 6 of these! I want to avoid this but I need help!

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Answer by david536259
How about a vintage car or roller blades? A Patek Phillippe watch is always well received.

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7 Responses to Christening gift?

  1. cheek_of_it_all says:

    How much cash are you willing to part with?

    You could always get something for the parents instead, that would be different as everyone buys for baby and its the parents that go without.

    That would be original.

  2. junebug says:

    A picture frame or album to hold pictures of the blessed event.

  3. archer_one says:

    sterling gold coin

  4. Barbara B says:

    Ask Mom/Dad what they would like baby to receive as Christening gifts.

    A savings bond
    Child’s Bible or book of Bible bedtime stories
    Soft, warm blankie with sheep on it – embroider The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want.” on it.

  5. felixstoweblue says:

    I bought a clock for my nephew’s christening, it was hand painted with bears and rabbits and other such baby stuff on it.

    It was completely different to all the other crap that got bought, I mean what need does a baby have for silver ware ? LOL

  6. bouncingtigger13 says:

    You could always make them something – I’m currently doing two embroidered birth samplers for babies, for example.
    If you’re not into that sort of thing, you could always name a star after them. That’d be different! You can get details from:
    That’s pretty cool, IMHO.

  7. tattooedgray says:

    You can buy these silver birth certificate holders that can be engraved, think there really sweet. anything that’s a keepsake is a winner!

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