DIY Paper Crafts For Teenagers

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Easy Paper Box - DIY Paper crafts for teenagers - Birthday Gift Ideas - Giulia's Art

Easy Paper Box - Paper crafts for teenagers
Birthday , Valentines Day & Mother's Day Gift Ideas
DIY Crafts Tutorials - Giulia's Art

This tutorial is step by step instructions so it's very easy to understand it.

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  1. Fab Toys says:

    Had so much fun watching the video!! Biggest like from Fab Toys channel xx?

  2. GamePlayTV says:

    great!!! i have sub and like for you. please sub my channel!?

  3. Little Baby Game says:

    awesome video , come watch our new video, hihi?

  4. Toys and Fun says:

    Excellent paper box and awesome Valentine's Day present. Loved it. Big Like Nr. 32 :))?

  5. Mui Neko says:

    soooo cute! i love it?

  6. SweetsAndCandy says:

    real pice of art?

  7. Lovey Martinez says:

    it Looks like she cut out box but she Didn't I Know it.?

  8. Lovey Martinez says:

    Well you Know that you just can use scissors to cut those Circles?

  9. Marta K?dzierska says:

    Could you please tell me what is that mat (that one in 0:24) and where can I buy it? It would be really helpfull to have one 🙂 Also, where can I buy this violet glue? Thank you in advance for reply :)?

  10. Oliwia Czaja says:


  11. Oliwia Czaja says:

    what is the sticking tool called and where did u get it?

  12. Oliwia Czaja says:

    what is the sticking tool called and where did u get it??

  13. Danna Diangson says:

    this is a easy to make but is wonderful?

  14. Mishika Sharma says:

    that is real nice?

  15. Laizel Banlasan says:

    great! what's that tool you used to have a transparent mark line which you fold the paper? just askin.. thanks!?

  16. Kristina Karg says:

    What is the tool collect and where did you get it??

  17. Aky Kukon says:

    Subscribe to me people I will do the same?

  18. Har Sandbu says:

    it's only easy if you have the right tools?

  19. Simply Nailogical says:

    what are the supplies?

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