Do you give your newborn a Christmas gift?

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Question by Nancie: Do you give your newborn a Christmas gift?
Just getting ahead on Christmas gift ideas for everyone in the family.

I plan to do shopping way earlier this year since the Christmas shopping rush is so irritating!

I have a son & by the time it's December, he'll be 3 months.

I would like to get him a gift even though he's not able to understand what it's for.

Do you give your newborns a Christmas gift? What would be the best thing for them? Toys for later? More warm clothes? (Although I don't feel like clothes is anything special since I'm constantly buying him more anyways.)

Thanks in advance!

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yeah i did i got clothes and stuffed toys of course they dont know i just do cos i love getting them things

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14 Responses to Do you give your newborn a Christmas gift?

  1. penilopi says:

    Yes, try this

    this is warm for the winter.

  2. ~*~Nate's Mummy~*~ says:

    yes i would deffinatly get your LO a christmas prezzie.
    i got my son christmas presants for his first christmas, he was only just a months old, i got him a few toys that he could play with once he was rolling and my parents got him come clothes and my brother and sister got him a few books. i was going to get him a baby braclte but i thought that he was too small for one of those so i have gotten him one for his first birthday.

  3. silliegirl says:

    Of course. My daughter was born right after X mas and she still got gifts before she was born.

  4. opanteraangelo says:

    My son will also be 3 months old and I am just using it as an excuse to get the things he needs. When relatives ask what to get him I am going to tell them to get him extra crib sheets and blankets, he needs a car seat for when he outgrows his infant seat, toys for later in the year (he will be 15 months come next Christmas) Clothes for now and later. Oh, and BOOKS!!!! You can’t go wrong with books! You can start reading to him now which will ensure a rich vocabulary when he is old enough to talk besides babies love to hear their Mommies talk. Books never go out of style and he will enjoy them for years to come. So will your future children.

  5. Tauree_brand new mummy says:

    I am buying my daughter 1 gift and 1 gift only for her first xmas – an inscribed jewelry box that she can keep forever and I will always be able to explain to her it was for her FIRST Christmas ever.
    Every one else in the family will be spoiling her rotten with clothes and toys that she will eventually outgrow. I think the first christmas is so special and that we should get our children something they can keep forever =]

  6. Zoe Olivia's mommy :) says:

    Maybe a first Christmas ornament? That way it is something you can keep putting on the tree every year as a memory of his first christmas…

    If he will be three months does he already have a jumperoo? That would be something he would really enjoy starting around 4 months or so.

    Other than those I would say just maybe some small toys for later, cute christmas PJs, or clothes…

    enjoy your first Christmas together!

  7. baby boy due November 18th! says:

    I asked this question not too long ago =]
    when xmas rolls around my son will be a little over a month old and i wanted to get stuff for him too but didnt know what to get..i got a lot of really good answers =] take a look =];_ylt=Aim1NLDybLDRafTcOLEXLTf54gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20081022050100AAMmIv9

  8. gitterdonechick says:

    I’m in the exact same situation as you. My son will be exactly 3 months on Christmas. I think we should get gifts for our children. After all it IS their first Christmas.

    I think an ideal gift for them at 3 months would be educational toys. It’s never too early to stimulate your childs brain. Even though we may not feel like we are teaching them new things, they are absorbing new information constantly.

  9. Neicey says:

    Of course…. Even though he doesn’t understand he can still be a part of the family celebration. Toys for when he’s older, or just more clothes. Buy them bigger so either he can grow into them or have them already when he can fit them.

  10. jasmine2283 says:

    My daughter will be 4.5 months at Christmas time. I’m planning on getting her some books and little toys. I know she is going to get a ton of stuff from our families, so I’m just getting her little things.

  11. kass ? says:

    My baby will be 9 months at Christmas. Im giving him presents. He wont know whats going on.. but the pictures will be fun to have. And, its stuff hes going to end up getting anyway.

  12. (: chaomein says:

    sure why not iht wont hurt? buht you dont have to cuhz there only a new born. so they wont knoe buht i guess something useful to get is clothes or even a nice warm blanket.

  13. asdfghjkl says:

    if you can afford to get one then go for it! i get my dogs christmas gifts every year! so i am planning on getting my baby whos going to be 2 months old something nice. =)

  14. Serena says:

    I went light on the Christmas presents (my daughter was 9 months old) but we wrapped clothes up and toys she would grow into (things we would have bought anyways.) She had fun ripping into the wrapping paper, in fact, we could have just wrapped empty boxes and she would have enjoyed it just as much. I’d say get him some clothes he needs, toys or things you would buy otherwise and just enjoy your first Christmas together.

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