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Fijit Friends have NEW Friends - Fijit Friends Newbies Buy Fijit Friends Newbies : We show you the new Fijit Friends Newbies and how th...

Fijit Friends are a toy directed toward girls created by Mattel[1] toy company. They made their debut in July 2011 at the New York Toy Fair and are similar t...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Fijit Friends Newbies – Video Review – The Toy Spy

  1. DRIVE THRU TOYS says:
  2. MightMouse74 says:

    Nice review dude! like the wind up gimmicks they have! lol?

  3. brattytaiz6 says:

    didnt they talk to you when you talked to them didnt they have over 100+

  4. star2468910 says:


  5. thetoyspy says:

    @MultiFingerboard11 DING DING!! We have a winner (there’s no prize,
    sorry)!! As SOON as I saw the trailer I was like… oh man. How long will
    this take to hit my youtube comments. I’m a little disappointed in my fan
    base it took this long, but, I am proud of you. Congrats. 🙂 jk fan base.
    we love you all. even the people that leave nasty grams.

  6. Horses Rule says:

    I think you press the top of the newbies head at the same time as another
    newbie and they will sing something together

  7. Maria José Pérez says:

    my fijit sage, zenzie and mila is very funny?

  8. Hennaline says:

    Nice like me. :-)?

  9. Vlad S says:

    i have kira?

  10. Percy TDS says:

    Can u make them do a duet? Like with the flower to flower button please?

  11. aver live says:

    ive got kira?

  12. raffy de los santos says:

    i love fijit friends newbies and fijit friends?

  13. Nintendo Cat® says:

    there are actually 12 because there is two Halloween ones and two Christmas

  14. Kat Plays Games says:

    I have Sage & Zinzie!?

  15. Wolfie Rose AJ says:

    i have zia?

  16. Paul Palis says:

    I have kensie l do not know how to spell her name but she is great. P.s me

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