FUNdamental Tips to Assemble the Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse by Mattel

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Watch as our play experts share with you the FUNdamentals in assembling the Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse by Mattel.

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21 Responses to FUNdamental Tips to Assemble the Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse by Mattel

  1. BigFatSealxoxo says:

    i have asked to get this for christmas because im a? child like that and im 13, haha x

  2. Guadlupe Martinez says:

    i got that house? and i watched this video to build it

  3. Abby Taylor says:

    b day? hopefully



  5. Leemy Tails says:

    Does? anyone know what the cheapest price for this is?

  6. Mikaella Mandani says:

    My mom said shes going to buy me this?

  7. salma saudi says:

    I have the house?

  8. amanda baldwin says:

    i have this but ALL of? the accsesories were broken by my bro:( so now i need help making new stuff for monster hih HELP ME

  9. AnimalGirlz112 says:

    ”I’m Tiana, my mom works for mattel, i see ALL the latest toys,? im an expert in play”
    Stupid kid, all they do is brag brag brag about shit. I’m 17 years old and when i was a kid i wasn’t like this at all. Theres no such thing as an expert in play, everyone plays the way they want. I’m sick of seeing these little brats everywhere.

  10. Miryãh Silver says:

    i? have

  11. jeannine674 says:

    i wish i? had that

  12. rebornstock101 says:

    I’m getting it for chirsmas can’t wait to have it and that girl at the begging is? so annoying

  13. Nelson Baietti says:

    0:36 …no you’re not!? =)

  14. Alexandra Crista says:

    Boo i have barbie Dream? House 2013

  15. Alexandra Crista says:


  16. MARTINS LEITAO says:

    go lets’ myghotki fay you lak druments for lest go comon mylets? drutos bertiliganse not minutingred kkkkkkkk

  17. Diyora Sadinova says:

    U? r gay

  18. William Thomas says:


  19. Isanilda araujo says:


  20. irmahari says:


  21. Carla Loiane says:


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