Gift for 10 year old Godchild??

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Question by Mom of One in Wisconsin: Gift for 10 year old Godchild??
What’s a good gift for a girl that is 10. We don’t see her often, so we don’t really know what she’s into.

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Answer by mike_crisR
Bath and Body Works is always a great gift for a 10 year old. They have a great line for kids. I just gave my 10 year old niece a gift card for bath and wody works for her b-day and she loved it!

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9 Responses to Gift for 10 year old Godchild??

  1. GP says:

    I think I am safe saying that there must be a religion involved because not everyone has Godchildren. How about a beautiful ladies cross necklace (not a little girl’s one, but a really nice one). I was given one around 13 and I still treasure it to this day. I also love the above idea about a diary (a locking one!), she is getting to the age where she needs her personal space.

  2. sunshiny93702 says:

    try a barbie doll.

  3. Buff says:

    A Savings Bond. She may not fully appreciate it now but later on in will come in handy.

  4. dkwkbmn says:

    Try to find out her favorite color. You can get really cute bracelets, small purse, nail polish and manicure/pedicure set if she is allowed to polish her nails. Or, even a trip to the salon for a manicure, go with her if possible. I pretty set of stationary. Don’t get little girl stuff. If she is like my niece she longs to be a “tween” and wants anything cool looking, so no toys. If she isn’t a girly girl, movie theater gift card, scrapbook starter kit.

  5. mary c says:

    girls this age start to like perfume and earings,any thing girly will work!

  6. alfonso r says:

    You don’t know waht she has or needs! So give her a gift Certificate!!!

  7. books are cool says:

    Any kind of make your own jewlery, or little petshop toys.

  8. lisa c says:

    You should get her a journal with some glittery pens and markers. My daughter loves hers. Also a gift card to a Build-A-Bear would be nice. Nothing like letting her make her very own friend that she can pick out, stuff, fluff, dress and name.

  9. Modelicious says:

    Get her a necklace and a bracelet and a gift card. That way, she gets a nice little gift from her godparents but also (since you don’t really know what she likes) she can go to a store and pick out something she likes.

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