Goddaughter christening gift ideas?

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Question by Cornflake: Goddaughter christening gift ideas?
Hey, i'm a godfather and the christening for my goddaughter is on Mothers day. Just wondering some gift ideas. Thanks alot


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Answer by ashley j
her first rosary, a gold cross necklace, an angel figurine, a cross to hang on her wall (maybe have it engraved with her name and christening date)...

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3 Responses to Goddaughter christening gift ideas?

  1. awommack says:

    picture frame

  2. Mustang Hottie says:

    There is a little set you can buy with a rosary and bible and stuff for christening..Its a very nice gift! or Maybe a precious moment figurine.

  3. lillilou says:

    For something smaller, I like the God Gave us You picture books. Theres a few different ones.

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