good gifts for baby girl turning one year old?

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Question by Livin'SD: good gifts for baby girl turning one year old?
My daughter will be celebrating her first birthday in two weeks and family members are beginning to ask what they can get her for gifts. I am at a complete loss! Does anyone have suggestions? or something that their child received which was a big hit?
Her big brother is only 19 months older than her, so we have lots of toys for this age group and it seems that whatever she does get for presents, he'll likely want to play with, too.
Thanks in advance for your time and input!

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Answer by tozier21
Big hits at my daughter's first birthday were Tickle Me Elmo and a play food set.

Other good choices are books, a baby doll, a ride on toy, and toys designed for taking out objects and putting them back in (like cd player, purse, shape sorter, etc).

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6 Responses to good gifts for baby girl turning one year old?

  1. Heather H says:

    I always seem to buy books for baby’s first birthdays.

  2. Jovana says:

    I definitely wouldn’t go with clothes or toys. I would like if my baby got something educational. I don’t know if her mom allows her to watch TV, but there are a lot educational DVD’s that are suitable for 1 year old’s. They are not cartoons, but more like slide shows with words and pictures. Hope this helps with a direction a little bit 🙂
    p.s. its like a free nanny!

  3. Tasha says:

    Books, Toddler music, (large gift) wagon, little cars they can push. At 18 months my daughter got a little kitchen which she still loves several months later. Wagons are great and you can get a two-seater and pull both kids.

  4. Katie S says:

    The best gifts I received for my oldest child’s first birthday were diapers and gift cards. Babies don’t remember their 1st Birthdays, neither do they recognize the significance of gifts; because of this, I always give something the parents NEED for the child – a large package of diapers, for example. I’ve also given a wipe warmer and gift cards to Target and/or Wal*Mart.

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