GVR – Eyeclops NightVision Infrared Stealth Goggles

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Want to see in the dark? The Eyeclops may be the answer. Kipkay takes a look inside these Nightvision Goggles.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.gadgetmadness.com GadgetMadness reviews the EyeClops Night Vision 2.0 Infrared Stealth Binoculars!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to GVR – Eyeclops NightVision Infrared Stealth Goggles

  1. stiigern says:

    i will buy this if somebody tell me it will last at least 6 months with fair? using!

  2. lonewolfairsoftwars says:

    @TOILETSMELLER13 No there not military issue there modified cyclops with a Military style? REAL Miltary nvg goggles I.E AN PVS 14 OR AN PVS 7 DONT LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THAT

  3. darkwolf6052 says:

    Uh, actually, the IR lights on front change when you change the setting of brightness. The dim(close up) activates the two sets on the outer edge, which are both fairly dim. The farther range turns on the center lights, around the camera lens. This is brighter. Test this, use a webcamera, or any camera, and turn on the IR, aim it at the camera and look at the video. They’ll light up, you’ll only see the red of the bright setting with? the naked eye.

  4. guy1ization says:

    How is the range on this thing??

  5. ingridnavarro says:

    I have the mw2? ones !

  6. W0lfication says:

    why has the same guy got 2 top comments, that are exactly? the same thing? wow…thumb whore….

  7. ZeroTallgeese says:

    i want to? convert this into Solid Eye.

  8. skateprince101 says:

    where you find this? at????

  9. PumpToPaint says:

    @ZeroTallgeese lol you? could probably convert the eyeclops nvg one into the solid eye =O

  10. ksjfnbajowefnobnsnb says:


  11. TheKeo227 says:

    @TOILETSMELLER13? the mw2 ones are toys 2 dumbass

  12. TOILETSMELLER13 says:

    @TheKeo227 I was meaning to talk about the ones IN the the game, not in real life. It was my mistake. I’m am so tired of hearing? crap about it.

  13. PhoenixB4U says:


  14. SuperRapper117 says:

    where can i get a? pair for cheap

  15. LilATL94 says:

    I need one for night operations for? airsoft skirmishes lol

  16. nathanlynnch says:

    @lumpy1011? lol

  17. CrazyMeg100 says:

    i want one for christmas!!!?

  18. HaroRider99 says:


  19. TheRafield says:

    Do? they really work?

  20. AnonRanGER01 says:

    GVR – Eyeclops NightVision Infrared Stealth Goggles
    Eyeclops? NightVision Infrared Stealth
    NightVision Infrared

  21. WellBeSerious12 says:

    @AnonRanGER01 I meant that STANDARD Night-vision (as in green vision) sucks compared to? Infrared. That’s all…

  22. nitrosmiley says:

    I have to admit this is a great? toy the problem is there so exspensive! i mean 150$ for a freaking toy!?!?! >:-( come on! i would buy them for like 95$ but 150$ really!?!?! i’m just saying.

  23. EXPLOSIVEEGG says:

    You can get them for? under $65 on places like ebay, and other sites.

  24. EXPLOSIVEEGG says:

    @nitrosmiley You can get them for under $65 on places? like ebay, and other sites.

  25. raywilliamjohnson115 says:

    nice stealth wearing huge ass googles
    me: wht these r? my glasses tht i wear at night

  26. ZeroTallgeese says:

    @raywilliamjohnson115 i think this? is much lighter than the other night vision toys..

  27. ZeroTallgeese says:

    i hope they can invite a night vision goggles with? the same technology as solid snake’s Solid Eye (same size also.)

  28. KrepNumbersMan says:

    Kipkay you? have that voice man that voice…

  29. benjas401 says:

    Hey KipKay my? friend has these 😀

  30. benjas401 says:

    Hey? KipKay my friend has these 😀 and his strap broke lol

  31. rr1122333 says:

    where you get these??

  32. akumaresh1 says:

    Kipkay you have? that voice man that voice

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