homemade birthday gifts for teenage girls?

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Question by alani_cutie101: homemade birthday gifts for teenage girls?
i don't have time to go get a present for my friend i need to make but don't know what to make.She is fun, fashinonable, creative, nice help please.

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Answer by Chezkoz
How about a scrapbook of your photos of your outings etc and maybe make it a college thing? or make a nice book cover over a nice stationery book.

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  1. Alex E says:

    Hey. I want to do the same for my friends but for christmas. you can go to JoAnne fabics and make a easy tie blanket. you just need two peices of fabric and cut all around and tie them together. or you can make a scrapbook of your memorys together. or you can go on word and do a college of pictures and fun little sayings in cool letters. there are some ideas. hope i helped!

  2. Jasmine M says:

    you can make homemade jewelery, cookies, brownies….

    If you have time and the sou can sew an eye mask with like a cute cloth and a band. Then you can fill it with raw rice and scents like dried lavender.

  3. Baby Dear says:

    u can do smthing creative for her too

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