How do I create a baby gift basket?

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Question by Bluegirl285: How do I create a baby gift basket?
I saw a picture of a baby gift basket in which the baby clothes were folded to look like flowers and placed on stems to look like tulips. I think they're called baby bunch baskets. I would love to make one for my friend's baby shower, but I haven't the slightest idea on where to find the instructions for it online. Does anyone know?

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Answer by Elle
I dont know how they do theirs, but I could give you some ideas, receiving blankets could be folded lengthwise then rolled up, and cinched at the base with ribbon so that the resemble roses. Onsies could probably be rolled the same way. Two baby washcloths could be laid one on top the other, pick up at the center so all corners are hanging and tie to make another type of flower (like you would make a tissue paper flower) also look up "diaper cakes" those are really cute. I would fill a basket with baby items such as pacifiers, bottles, teething rings, rattles, toys, bibs, etc. and place the specially folded items around the edges for embellishment.
be creative, nothing you do will turn out "bad" just play with it a while.
good luck and have fun! I think making a baby gift basket is a wonderful idea and a very thoughtful gift with a personal touch.

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    try, there are some adorable ideas for baby shower gifts and decorations!

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