How soon do you give a gift for a newborn baby? Send one ASAP – or wait until you see them in person?

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Question by daisyquery: How soon do you give a gift for a newborn baby? Send one ASAP - or wait until you see them in person?
If you might visit the family within a few months, would you wait to give the baby gift in person? Or is it expected that you send it right away when the baby is born?

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Answer by beautiful
If it were only a few weeks to a couple months I would probably wait, maybe send a card of congratulations. However if we are talking more than couple months I would probably mail one. It just depends on how close you are to the people who had the baby.

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4 Responses to How soon do you give a gift for a newborn baby? Send one ASAP – or wait until you see them in person?

  1. sweet p says:

    Daisy-Im only 165 IQ-may I suggest that you dont give this gift if its truely for the newborn baby -until its at lease one year old-it really wont appreciate it till then!
    Yet if its for the parents-usually there is a baby shower-with pictures YES PICTURES! its appropriate to be there if you cant send it for the shower

    if no baby shower-normally bring it or send it soon asap after the birth-if you were a mom you would know that is the key time not to get post partum blues-presents are a little assurance that your not in it all by yourself

    and I suggest you also share the best gift too-and recieve it too=

    I am praying for you, In Jesus amazing grace that saved me and keeps me free heart and soul, since I repented of my sins-even one lie, and let Him into my heart to be my best friend. amen–as he promised =

    REVELATION 3:19&20 I love you unconditionally, and ask you to repent quickly of your sins, Behold I stand at your heart’s door and knock, if you pray and ask me in, I will come in and be your friend and you mine.

    Sow good seeds for tomorrows needs-an appropriate TIMELY gift is a good seed.

    it depends on the nature of the gift-if its a baby blanket -send it right away-if its a walker toy-you can let her know what it is and wait at least 5 months if its a sit in one.-and as you say you will be there in a couple of months.

  2. ballerina says:

    usually, i give it when the baby is born, but in other case like my sister gave birth her first baby at other state, so i just give it when i see the baby.

  3. dances_with_unicorns1955 says:

    If it’s going to be more than a month or so until you visit the family, then I’d go ahead and send a gift. If you’ll be visiting them relatively soon, then take it with you when you go to see them. A gift is really not “expected” in terms of etiquette, as a gift is a voluntary thing, after all, so I’d choose the time that makes the most sense with your plans.

  4. Mama2Be says:

    It depends on the item. If your giving diapers, wet wipes, clothes, any essentials it’s always very thoughtful to send as soon a baby comes. If you are going to be visiting them in the hospital let them know that you have gifts and would like to bring them when the baby comes home. They really don’t need extra stuff in the hospital because then they gotta pack it up and take it home.

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