How to ask for money (In Kind) instead of gifts for christening?

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Question by lmiranda723: How to ask for money (In Kind) instead of gifts for christening?
This is almost like the same for a wedding, but is there an appropriate word for that can be used for christening (baptism)?

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Answer by Colleen O
You NEVER ask for money, unless you want to ask that donations be given to a chairty. Asking for money is just plain tacky whether it be a wedding, christening or graduation.

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6 Responses to How to ask for money (In Kind) instead of gifts for christening?

  1. Marvinator says:

    Lots of folks are going to tell you it’s TACKY, but you and I both know that your baby has enough purple teddy bears and more than enough christening outfits. How many does one baby need?

    Find the right phrase. That’s the key.

    “In lieu of gifts, we respectfully request that donations be made to Little Bubba’s College fund.” Something like that. If someone still wants to give a purple teddy bear, then don’t get upset.

  2. HC says:

    This is a very delicate question of etiquette, and “authorities” on the subject are conflicted on whether it is proper to do this.

    I have attended a wedding where they put on the invitation that the guests should “please omit gifts”, and told everyone verbally that the couple has very little space in their apartment to store all the gifts that they would receive, and that they would prefer cash instead.

    Guests’ reactions were mixed. I didn’t mind because it saved me a lot of time and trouble looking for a nice gift, and I didn’t have to lug a box when I attended the wedding; my gift fit nicely in my little purse!

  3. Mr. Taco says:

    Asking for money is considered tacky and bad etiquette, whether it be for weddings OR for a christening. It might be a good idea in these days, but that doesn’t change the general social acceptance of the practice. Ask for money, and I guarantee you will offend somebody.

  4. suggir_bear says:

    Asking for money at a wedding, christening, or baby shower is just tacky. You are inviting these people to share a special moment in time with your family and you want to tell them what to give you?!

  5. Stephanie S says:

    You might address not that you want money but you have set up a college fund that you would like gifts to be granted to and give an address or name of the fund where the checks can be written to.

  6. joey's mommy says:

    just ask them or tell them that instead of a gift you would prefer money so that you can open up a savings account for the child. that is what I did. some people may take it the wrong way but other people will understand.

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