How to Fly the Air Hogs Pocket Copter

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Need help flying your Pocket Copter? Check out this how to video!

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13 Responses to How to Fly the Air Hogs Pocket Copter

  1. SpartanDara117 says:

    @wazzap496 Mcp x is okay, but its too small. (for 3d) plus its got an
    electric tail rotor, not belt or shaft driven. when i try extreme 3d, the
    tail just blows out on me. and its a bitch to get inverted. xD still fun.
    🙂 this is the only air hogs ive gotten in YEARS!! it just seemed really
    interesting lol.

  2. Creeperkiller32 says:

    my dad and i recently got a channel a and b pocket copter. when we tried
    flying, we could control both the a and b from one controller. also, my
    faters frequency b heli has a shaky unstable flight. the slide on the tail
    doesnt help. any tips guys?

  3. SpartanDara117 says:

    @GalaxyPegasis474 get a hobby grade heli if you want that man. blade mcx2
    is great for beginners.

  4. joe SAnchez says:

    i like turtles

  5. GalaxyPegasis474 says:

    @SpartanDara117 I’ll think about it.

  6. MrsVegeta1 says:

    i freaked out for the first twp days cuz airhogs suff usually charges with
    the heli on. i fail, lol

  7. rcheliman56's channel says:

    I like the real rc helicopters from e-flite.

  8. SpartanDara117 says:

    @GalaxyPegasis474 dude, that doesnt have any forward or back or side to
    side control either. only moving up and down and spinning left and right,
    plus the lame winch that cant carry anything. MCX2 is waaay waay better.
    its a lot more expensive, but trust me, you will not be dissapointed. check
    out your local hobby shop, or horizonhobby

  9. rc_monster3462656 says:

    were can u get this

  10. Aidan Boss says:

    It is always moving forwards. No backwards. Its hard to land on a helipad.

  11. Aidan Boss says:

    I know how to fly an rc hei! I’ve had this hobby since I was seven! Waste
    of 3:37 of my life.

  12. john kim says:

    nice vid ?

  13. john kim says:

    Does it brake easily?

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