How to Repair an Electric Scooter

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How to Repair an Electric Scooter – Razor E100 Troubleshoot

In this video we are working on a Razor E100 but the process and parts should also work on the Razor Power Core E100, E125, E150, and other scooters. Just verify your part numbers before attempting.

The most common problem with Razor electric scooters is a dead or dying battery. The second is typically the controller box and the third would be broken wires. Hopefully, the steps in this video will help you identify and repair your problem.

Best of luck with your repair!

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18 Responses to How to Repair an Electric Scooter

  1. David Chapa Music says:

    Just got one of these for free from a friend who didn’t have the patience to work through the issues. This video was very clear and I am sure will help me find root cause. Thanks!!

  2. Edwin J Iscoa says:

    I have same scooter…..controller box went out, but my brake socket doesn't make a sound when I try to read the countuanoty….can is still make run if I get a new box?

  3. Trevor Jones says:

    Everything on mine has tested ok all connected ,new throttle and new controller box but still no power going to the motor ,the motor works just don't get it the fuse is fine ,I bypass the brake as it's not working and still can't get it to move the volt meter on the scooter is registers at 25 .6 votes really don't get why it's not working

  4. Harrison Serrato says:

    Great job! Bud. Thanks for share your knowledge!

  5. leroy jenkins says:

    Great video tip at the end should of been first though

  6. Ben Smith says:

    I’m 12 and 2 months ago found a scrap e100s with the seat and I got the red light there is no clicking sound coming from the relay

  7. deeblundell says:

    Beautifully clear and SO v helpful … Tks!!!

  8. Jader Zapata says:

    Thank you so much

  9. djphilly44 says:

    Great video!! I picked up a Razor e100 for $20 at my local Habitat Restore and was able to diagnose a bad wire to fix a nifty scooter. Thanks!!?

  10. Coco Loco says:

    F*ck ads of crap.

  11. Nathan Pettit says:

    I have tested everything and all is good, but the relay isn't clicking. I bought a new one, still no click. I am only getting 17v from the batts. Any idea if the relay would still click with 17v?

    Thanks for the video and tips!

  12. Big Money Walking says:

    This guy is what I like to call a professional homeowner. ??

  13. Xiao Bai says:

    my charger only has one prong, so when i tried to measure the voltage coming from the charger, it just gave a big spark with just one lead in there, so i didn't continue. Was this because it was automatically on AC? I set it to DC after i realized, but i wasn't sure if it was because it was a one prong connector or what.

  14. M. Sutton says:

    Easy to follow your explanations. Great for us laymen. Thanks ?

  15. Bob Ravenscraft says:

    You can bypass the kickstart.

  16. sbnunez says:

    Thanks this is very helpful. Battery, brake, and (new) controller are good but I think my throttle is broken. I cut the wires and tried connecting brown-brown and orange-orange to mimic what the throttle does. But still no click. Any thoughts?

  17. Oystein F. Saebo says:

    Great video!!!! Keep up the good work! Question: If I connect the batteries to the motor directly, will the motor spin, or do I still have to fake the kick?

  18. rosendorx77 says:

    omg thank you so much i was about to order a new controller

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