How to use the Fushigi magic gravity ball

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In this video we show you how to use the Fushigi magic gravity ball.
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21 Responses to How to use the Fushigi magic gravity ball

  1. Mahgoul says:

    ……. you are clearly not a great ball jugler or whatever?

  2. Guillaume Godon says:

    #RobotZombieDinosaur You make me laugh so hard xD?

  3. zacharia bean says:

    omg fushigi is so cool but hard?

  4. Payten Vincent says:

    i dont get this at all….?

  5. DistortedFaiths says:

    No illusion is greater than his ponytail. Now you see it. Now you don’t.

    Oh and the fushigi is pretty cool too.?

  6. Fish Crazy, Horse Paridise says:

    I bought this ball years ago. The only way you can learn and perfect how to
    do this is if you have no life, lots of time, and actually want to do this.
    I tried learning and It’s really hard. The fun I got from the ball was for
    like 5 mins and was just me spinning the ball on the floor. The ball looks
    silver inside, and it’s unevenly coated in thick glass basically, and when
    you spin it it looks like it’s moving but it’s not.?

  7. david roberts says:

    what the heck is floating behind his neck??

  8. kimberly williams says:

    thanks Kenny for putting this on the internet it was awesome and I got a
    question: why does your hair look short but have a pony tail that’s super
    puffy looking??

  9. LiverAddiction says:

    i fucking hate this fucking ball so fucking much that it makes me want to
    jump through this fucking computer screen and choke you with your stupid

  10. Aaron Doherty says:

    Once i heard it doesnt float on its own i went to the batting cages with my
    new “Majic Ball”?

  11. Kapawa Delos Santos says:

    Lolz guys I had one for three years I mastered it already, it takes thime
    tho ^_^?

  12. Victoria Gray says:

    Is the Fushigi Ball made of glass??

  13. bubbaXzone says:

    why am i watching this? I dont even own a fushigi ball?

  14. monkadelic13 says:

    the “illusion” of a mirror in the center of the ball FAILS?

  15. Wesley Tynan says:

    that enigma is trippy as fuck?

  16. monkadelic13 says:

    anyone notice the middle of ball is a mirror image of him upside down??

  17. firetoy465 says:

    I didn’t know Daniel T0sh enjoyed the fushigi?

  18. Nick Connolley says:

    this is a cheep piece of junk… it is just a big marble… I got one and
    it came all scratched up and dented?

  19. epicureo25 says:

    it doesn’t look like its levitating to me,,,,?

  20. jonny rock says:

    Fushigi means “cock breath” in Japanese.?

  21. Logan says:

    This is dark magic?

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