I need baby and toddler gift ideas?

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Question by sunnie: I need baby and toddler gift ideas?
I've drawn names from a hat for 5 of my nieces and nephews... ages 6 months (boy), 18 months (girl) 3 year old (boy)... then also a 13 year old and a 12 year old, both girls.

The rules are: it has to fit in the child's stocking and there's a $ 15 price limit per child...

I'd love ideas and suggestions for all ages, but especially those babies!

Best answer:

Answer by adrian<3
6 month old:

-Small crib toys
-Colorful rings
-Crinkly stuffed animals

18 month old:

-Soft baby doll
-Toy cell phone
-Age appropritae puzzles

3 year old:

-Toy cars
-Bathtub toys


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  1. Kristians B says:

    6 month old ( I put all this stuff in my daughters stocking at 6 months)
    A starter sippy cup
    Board books or Cloth books
    a pacifer ( if he sucks a pacifer)
    rattles or little toys to be hand held

    18 month old (this is what i’m putting in my daughters stocking this year, around same age)
    Sippy Cup
    Bath toys (rubber ducks,foam letters,etc)
    Ring pops..(good for sucking, and not small enough to choke on, if you want them to have cany)
    A Mickey mouse club house dvd (she loves them)
    A board book
    hair bows/clips (if she wears them)
    socks (never can have to many)
    little cheap gloves or mittens (always come in handy, my daughter loves to play with them..lol.)
    Little peoples toy tubes (most 18 months are into these toys, you can get a tube of like 4 at Target for like $ 5, fits perfectly in stocking.

    3 year old
    Play dough (if their parents let them play with it, you might want to check)
    Hot wheels cars (you can get little packs of them for like $ 5 or so)
    Little Peoples toy tube (my 2 1/2 year old nephew really loves them too)
    bouncy balls (my nephew loves bouncy balls)
    a Thomas the Train dvd or favorite cartoon..usually around 5 – 10 dollars at target/Walmart
    little toy cars/trains (they love these)

    12 and 13 year old girls
    nail polish
    lip gloss
    little hair brushes or mirrors
    little things of perfume or body spray
    body glitter
    nail files/nail clippers
    teen magazine (just roll it up for the stocking) usually 3 -4 dollars at grocery store checkout..lol.
    little things of lotion
    a cool picture frame for their room

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