I need baptism gift ideas..?

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Question by Betrdz: I need baptism gift ideas..?
Something inexpensive please!
This is a two month old baby boy. Forgot to include that.

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Answer by drasago
A towel?

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9 Responses to I need baptism gift ideas..?

  1. Titicaca T says:


  2. Susan says:

    Depends how old the person who’s being baptized is.

  3. The Gallant Gryffindor Returns!! says:

    Kool Aid!!!!

  4. Thomas M says:


  5. LiviaAnn says:

    Well, that’s nice. I got like 20 Bibles at mine. (So don’t do that! They’ll probably get one)
    If it’s a girl, I think it would be sweet to get them a single daisy or something. My friend got one at her’s and it was the one that stood out to her the most cause all the other ones were cliche. Or maybe a charm bracelet with a cross charm?
    A boy is a little tougher. Maybe a….actually, I don’t know.
    Just try not to get something super baptism-presenty.

  6. Lightandtruth says:

    Christian book

  7. Natassia says:

    I didn’t know that one gave gifts at a baptism. Isn’t the baptism itself a gift from God?

    But whatever…get something age appropriate (which info you haven’t provided.)

    Maybe a little cross necklace?

  8. "Holy Sin" says:

    A prayer. Lets pray, lets pray, lets PARRRRRAY!

  9. Marty says:


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